16 Ideas of What to do with Sawdust from Chainsaw

Do you have a chainsaw and some ideas about what to do with the sawdust it produces?

Don’t just toss the sawdust away—it can be put to use in a variety of ways that save you time and money.

From using sawdust as a soil amendment to making animal bedding, there are many creative uses for sawdust from a chainsaw.

Here is a guide to the top five ways you can put your sawdust to good use.

1. Use It As a Compost Heap

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

It is important to keep in mind that sawdust can be used as a secondary compost heap ingredient.

Sawdust is a great source of carbon for the compost pile, and when mixed with plant waste and manure, it makes a great source of nitrogen.

Sawdust also makes excellent mulch for the garden. It helps the soil retain moisture and makes it easier to weed. 

2. How to make a fire starter with sawdust and wax

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Making fire starters with sawdust and wax is an easy way to create a safe, reliable fire starter. All you need is sawdust, wax, and a container.

Start by melting the wax in a double boiler or in an old tin can placed over a fire.

Once the wax is melted, add an equal amount of sawdust to the mixture and stir until it forms a homogeneous mix.

Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and place it in the freezer for 2 hours. Once it is done, you can take out your fire starter logs and wrap them in craft paper.

With these fire starters, you can have a reliable fire no matter the conditions outside.

These fire starters will last for an hour or more and can even burn in the rain! What’s great about these fire starters is that they can also be used to light wet wood or green wood, so you can light a fire while camping.

3. Animal Bedding – Use as a pet/livestock bedding

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust or wood shavings are a great animal bedding choice for pet and livestock owners. Not only is it absorbent and durable, but it’s also easy to clean up.

For pet owners, sawdust provides a comfortable, cozy place for animals like hens to rest and lay their eggs, as well as an absorbent surface for horses to sleep on.

Sawdust is a great way for people who own animals to keep them warm and comfortable in colder climates. What’s more, wood dust is a much cheaper bedding option than straw.

4. Use Sawdust As An Anti-Slip Surface

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust can be used to create an anti-slip surface on slippery walkways and stairs. Sprinkle the sawdust evenly on the area that needs to be non-slip, and it will provide a secure footing for those walking across it.

During winters, when snow and ice make walking outdoors hazardous, sawdust can keep your steps and sidewalks safe.

5. Kitten / Cat Litter

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust can also be used instead of kitty litter. This gives cat owners a more natural and less expensive way to clean up after their cats. Simply fill the litter box with sawdust, and when the cat is done, remove any solid waste.

Sawdust is also good because it can absorb smells better than other types of litter. What’s more, sawdust is much cheaper than traditional clay-based litter.

6. Add to cement to make it lighter and strengthen the bonding

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

When combined with cement, sawdust can be used to make lighter and stronger concrete.

This is because the sawdust fills in the space between the sand and cement particles and creates a stronger bond.

Simply add three scoops of sand, two scoops of sawdust, one scoop of cement, and one scoop of lime to make lightweight concrete.

7. Mop Up The Oil With Sawdust

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust can be used to clean up oil spills. When it comes in contact with the oil, it absorbs it like a sponge. So, when you’re faced with an oil spill, sprinkle sawdust over it to soak up the oil.

Afterward, use a broom to brush away the sawdust. This is an effective way to mop up the oil.

8. Drying Hands

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust can be used to absorb moisture from the hands. Sawdust can be used to quickly dry hands when working with wet materials such as clay.

It is also useful when working with wet paint, wood glue, engine oil, chainsaw chain oil, or bar oil.

9. Unleash the imagination of your little ones with dust play!

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Kids can also find creative ways to use sawdust. Kids love playing with chainsaw sawdust by making castles, sculptures, and other imaginative structures. It can also be used as a sensory activity to help the children explore their physical world.

10. Absorbs Chicken Poo

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust can also be used to absorb chicken poop in the coop or chicken run. Sawdust is a good way to get rid of the smell of chicken poop and keep the environment healthy.

11. Wood Filler

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust fillers are a great way to repair minor damage to wooden furniture, such as gouges or holes left by screws and nails.

Mix sawdust with wood glue to create a putty-like paste. Apply the mixture directly to the holes and grooves and allow it to dry.

12. Paper Production from Sawdust

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust can be used to make paper. The process begins by breaking the wood down into sawdust. Then, the wood pieces or sawdust are mixed with water in a blender.

The pulp is then poured into a plastic tub, and a mould and deckle are used to scoop some of the pulp slurry.

The sheet is then couched from the mould to a flat, absorbent surface, and excess water is pressed from the paper. Once dry, the paper can be used for a variety of applications.

13. Use it as mulch in your garden or landscaping.

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust can help retain moisture in the soil and suppress weed growth. Sawdust can be used as organic fertilizer or mulch for plants, trees, and shrubs.

You’ll have no need to spend your hard-earned money on expensive bags of wood chips; sawdust can produce excellent results when used as mulch.

Sprinkle the sawdust around the base of the garden to retain moisture and keep weeds away.

You can also sprinkle it on berries to prevent them from rotting. To prevent nitrogen deficiency in plants, make sure to add nitrogen.

Also, make sure to check the PH levels of the soil before adding sawdust, as some plants prefer acidic soils while others prefer neutral or basic soils.

All in all, sawdust can be used in many different ways and is an all-around great material for gardening and landscaping.

14. Can be used as a compostable toilet

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust can be used in compostable toilets, which is a great way to break down and compost waste. To use the sawdust in your compostable toilet, mix it with coffee grounds, leaves, straws, and organic food scraps. 

The sawdust is very good at soaking up water, which helps keep the mixture from getting too sloppy.

15. Weed Suppressor

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust can be used as a weed suppressor. Sprinkle the sawdust on problem areas where weeds are growing, such as sidewalks and driveways. The sawdust will smother the weeds and keep them from coming back.

16. Spread sawdust on high-traffic pathways to help prevent mud from getting stuck to your shoes

What To Do With Sawdust From Chainsaw

Sawdust is an effective way to keep mud from sticking to your shoes and tracking it inside the house. Spread sawdust in areas where there is heavy foot traffic, such as walkways or driveways that are prone to getting muddy.

The sawdust will absorb any excess moisture and help keep your floors clean. Sawdust will also soak up some of the moisture in the mud, making it less likely to get tracked onto other surfaces.

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As you can see, there are many creative and useful ways to use sawdust from a chainsaw.

It can be used in gardening and landscaping, for compostable toilets, as a wood filler and mulch, to absorb chicken poop, to make paper, and to suppress weeds.

With all of these options, you can easily find a way to put your sawdust to good use. So don’t let your sawdust go to waste—put it to work!

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