Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw – Everything You Need to Know

Why does the Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw have such a positive reputation among users?

The Husqvarna 435 is lightweight and well-balanced, making it easy to handle even during prolonged use.

Its ergonomic design also ensures comfort while working without unnecessary strain.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient chainsaw, the Husqvarna 435 is definitely worth considering.

Fast and efficient, it’ll get the job done without compromising safety or performance.

Product Summary

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw
  • 16 in
  • 2.2 hp
  • 11.68 lbs
  • Gas Powered

The Husqvarna 435 16 inch chainsaw is a gas-powered saw designed for all-around use.

It features a powerful 40cc X-Torq engine that delivers superior performance while reducing emissions (up to 60%) and increasing fuel efficiency (up to 20%).

The saw also features an air injection system that expels large dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter. As a result, this helps to prolong the life of the engine.

Starting the saw is easy thanks to the air purge and Smart Start technology.

The saw’s lightweight design and low-vibration technology make it easy to handle during extended use.

In addition, the chainsaw incorporates an inertia-activated chain brake, which reduces the likelihood of injury due to kickbacks.

It can accommodate bars ranging from 13 inches to 18 inches, making it a versatile tool.

Generally, the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is a top-of-the-line tool that delivers both power and efficiency in a user-friendly design.

No matter what your needs are, this saw will exceed your expectations whether you are a professional logger or a homeowner.

Honest Review of the First Impression

I’ve used my fair share of chainsaws over the years.

I have to say, the Husqvarna 435 16 inch chainsaw is one of the most impressive I’ve ever used.

This saw is easy to start, that’s the first thing I noticed.

Despite not being a pro with gas-powered tools, the air purge and Smart Start technology make starting the engine a breeze.

No more struggle with pull cords or feeling like I have to be a bodybuilder!

Once I got the saw started, I was blown away by its performance.

The X-Torq engine is both powerful and efficient, and air injection technology keeps the engine running smoothly.

I tackled some heavy yard work with this saw, and it didn’t skip a beat.

My favorite thing about this saw is how easy it is to handle.

Lightweight design and low-vibration technology make it easy to use for extended periods of time, and inertia-activated chain brakes add an additional layer of safety.

The only downside I found was that adjusting the chain tension can be a bit tricky.

However, it’s a minor issue compared to the overall performance of the saw.

I highly recommend the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw for anyone seeking a powerful, efficient, and user-friendly tool.

Whether you’re a professional logger or just someone looking to tackle some heavy-duty yard work, this saw is definitely worth considering.

Pros And Cons Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

What We Like

  • Smart Start technology and air purge make it easy to start up.
  • The X-Torq engine delivers power and fuel efficiency.
  • Engines run smoothly thanks to air injection.
  • The lightweight design and low-vibration technology make it easy to handle.
  • The chain brake is inertia-activated for extra safety.
  • With bar lengths between 13 inches and 18 inches, it’s versatile.
  • Superior performance for professional logging and heavy-duty yard work.

What We Don’t Like

  • Chain tension adjustment can be tricky.

Why Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

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User Ratings

This super favorite tool has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, on the online marketplace, and that too with more than 164 reviews.

  • Manoeuvrability: 3.9/5
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Husqvarna 435 and Husqvarna 440 chainsaw Comparison

Highlighting the strengths and features of both models:

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

16 in

2.2 hp

11.68 lbs

Gas Powered

Husqvarna 440 chainsaws

18 in

2.4 hp

10 lbs

Gas Powered

Engine: The Husqvarna 435 is powered by a 40cc engine, which generates 2.4 horsepower, making it an excellent saw for light to medium-duty tasks like pruning.

A 50cc Husqvarna 440 engine produces 3 horsepower. Cutting firewood or felling small trees, makes it a powerful saw.

Weight: Both the Husqvarna 435 and 440 are lightweight and easy to handle, making them great options for extended use without fatigue.

Bar length: The Husqvarna 435 is compatible with bar lengths between 13 inches (min) and 18 inches (max), while the Husqvarna 440 is compatible with bar lengths between 15 inches (min) and 18 inches (max).

Air filtration system: Both saws feature Husqvarna’s air injection technology, which keeps the engine running smoothly by removing dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter.

The Husqvarna 440 also features a centrifugal air cleaning system, which reduces dust and debris even more effectively.

Additional features: The Husqvarna 440 has an ergonomic design with soft grip handles and an anti-vibration system, which reduces fatigue during long periods of use. The Husqvarna 435 lacks these features.

Price: The Husqvarna 440 is generally more expensive than the Husqvarna 435.

Generally,  the Husqvarna 440 is a powerful and versatile saw well-suited for medium-duty tasks, while the Husqvarna 435 is a capable saw better suited for light to medium-duty tasks.

The Husqvarna 440 also features additional components to reduce fatigue during long periods of use.

The choice between the two saws largely depends on the specific needs of the user. This includes the size of the job, the frequency of use, and the budget.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Review: FAQs

What CC is a Husqvarna 435?

This Husqvarna 435 Gas Chainsaw is equipped with a 40cc, 2.2-hp, two-cycle X-Torq engine and 16-inch chainsaw with Smart Start, For Wood Cutting and Tree Trimming.

Is the Husqvarna 435 a 2-stroke engine?

The Husqvarna 435 Gas Chainsaw by Husqvarna provides a 2-cycle engine with a 16-inch cutting width.

What size of chain is 435 Husqvarna?

The Husqvarna 435 chainsaw has a 40.9cc engine and a 15-inch bar and chain.

Final Thoughts

As a result, the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is an excellent choice for those in need of a reliable and efficient saw for light-to-medium-duty work.

Homeowners and professionals alike will appreciate its lightweight design, adaptability to various bar lengths, and efficient air filtration system.

The saw’s X-Torq engine reduces emissions and increases fuel efficiency, providing excellent performance while being environmentally friendly.

The air purge and Smart Start features make it easy to start the saw with minimal effort.

The inertia-activated chain brake prevents kickback injury.

While the Husqvarna 440 may be more powerful features additional components to reduce fatigue during long periods of use, the Husqvarna 435 provides superior value at a more affordable price point.
Overall, the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is a reliable, efficient, and versatile tool.

It is an excellent investment for any homeowner or professional seeking a high-quality chainsaw.

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