How To Use An Electric Chainsaw Sharpener – 4 Steps Guide

Chainsaws are essential tools for cutting wood, but dull blades can reduce their efficiency and make them dangerous to use.

That’s where an electric chainsaw sharpener comes in handy.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use an electric chainsaw sharpener to maintain a sharp chain, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Advantages of Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners

Electric chainsaw sharpeners offer several benefits over hand sharpening, such as consistent angle, speed, and accuracy.

They can also prolong the life of your chainsaw blade, saving you money on replacements.

Getting Started: Essential Equipment and Setup

To start sharpening your chainsaw chain, you’ll need the following equipment

Chainsaw Sharpener

Chainsaw Sharpener

Choose an electric sharpener that fits your chainsaw blade and budget.



A sturdy workbench to mount the sharpener on and keep it stable during the sharpening process.

Safety Gear

Safety Gear

Gloves and safety goggles are essential to protect your hands and eyes.

Understanding Chainsaw Chain Anatomy

Chainsaw chains consist of teeth and depth gauges, with each tooth having a cutting edge and a depth stop.

The teeth cut the wood while the depth stop determines how deep the cut is. It’s essential to sharpen both parts to maintain optimal performance

Preparing the Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Preparing The Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Before starting the sharpening process, you need to set up the electric chainsaw sharpener correctly:

Positioning the sharpener

Positioning The Sharpener

Mount the sharpener on your workbench, ensuring it’s stable and secure.

Adjusting the sharpening angle

Adjusting the sharpening angle

Consult your chainsaw’s user manual to find the correct angle for your specific chain. Adjust the sharpening angle on the electric sharpener accordingly.

Securing the chain holder

Securing the chain holder

Place the chainsaw blade in the chain holder and tighten it to hold the chain in place.

Sharpening Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to sharpen your chainsaw chain using an electric chainsaw sharpener:

Step 1: Aligning the chain

Aligning The Chain

Align the grinding wheel with the first tooth on one side of the chain.

Step 2: Sharpening the tooth

Sharpening The Tooth

Turn on the electric sharpener and gently press the grinding wheel against the tooth’s cutting edge. Hold for a few seconds, ensuring a consistent angle and even pressure.

Step 3: Rotating the chain

Rotating The Chain

Move the chain to the next tooth on the same side, making sure to maintain the same sharpening angle.

Step 4: Sharpening the other side:

Sharpening the other side

Once you’ve sharpened all the teeth on one side, adjust the sharpening angle for the other side of the chain and repeat the process for each tooth.

Tips for a Razor Sharp Chain

Tips For A Razor Sharp Chain

Keep a consistent angle and pressure while sharpening each tooth.

Check the depth gauges and file them down if they’re too high, as per your chainsaw’s specifications.

Inspect the chain for damaged or broken teeth and replace the chain if necessary.

Maintaining Your Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Maintaining Your Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

To keep your electric chainsaw sharpener in good working condition, clean it regularly and check the grinding wheel for wear.

Replace the grinding wheel when necessary, and store the sharpener in a dry and cool place when not in use.

Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

When using an electric chainsaw sharpener, always wear safety gear and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep your workspace clean and well-lit to minimize the risk of accidents.

How To Use An Electric Chainsaw Sharpener: FAQs

How often should I sharpen my chainsaw chain?

The frequency depends on how often you use your chainsaw and the type of wood you’re cutting.

As a general rule, sharpen your chain after every few hours of use or when you notice a decrease in cutting efficiency.

Can I use an electric chainsaw sharpener on any type of chain?

Most electric chainsaw sharpeners are compatible with various chains, but always consult the sharpener’s user manual and your chainsaw’s specifications to ensure compatibility.

How long does it take to sharpen a chainsaw chain using an electric sharpener?

Sharpening times vary depending on the chain’s length and condition.

On average, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to sharpen a chainsaw chain using an electric sharpener.

Do I need to oil my electric chainsaw sharpener?

Some electric sharpeners may require occasional lubrication. Refer to the user manual for maintenance instructions specific to your sharpener model.

Is it better to use an electric chainsaw sharpener or a manual file?

Electric chainsaw sharpeners offer more consistent results, faster sharpening times, and less physical effort compared to manual files.

However, they are more expensive and require access to a power source.

Final Thoughts

An electric chainsaw sharpener is an essential tool for maintaining a sharp chain and prolonging the life of your chainsaw.

By following the steps outlined in this guide and paying attention to safety precautions, you’ll be able to achieve a razor-sharp chain for efficient and safe wood cutting.

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