How to Store Chainsaw Without Oil Leaking in 2023?

There are times when you don’t use your chainsaw on a regular basis. 

Like many chainsaw users, you may store your chainsaw until it is needed again.

And I understand that storing a chainsaw is not only important for safety and repairs but also helps extend the life of your machine.

So, correctly storing a chainsaw is essential for its proper functioning, longevity, and safety.

If you don’t store your chainsaw right, it could start to rust, the chain could come loose, and it could even have electrical problems.

These are all signs that you need to be storing your chainsaw correctly!

So, How To Store Chainsaw Without Oil Leaking? 

To answer this question, we have come up with a few tips you can apply to prevent oil leakage and keep your saw in optimal condition.

How can you securely store a chainsaw to make sure it doesn’t leak oil (Top Tips)

How to Store Chainsaw Without Oil Leaking

1. Empty Fuel Tank

Firstly, it’s important to empty any remaining fuel or oil from the tank before you store it.

Run the machine (generally for 5 minutes) until the tank is empty and the fuel pipe and carburetor are dry.

2. Lubricate the chainsaw bar and chain

Before you store your chainsaw, make sure to lubricate the bar and chain.

This will help prevent rust or corrosion from occurring while in storage.

3. Ensure That All Plugs are Secure

When storing a chainsaw, it’s important to make sure all plugs are securely sealed and not loose.

This will help keep any oil from seeping out of the saw during storage.

4. Clean the Exterior

Before storing away your chainsaw, it’s important to give it a good cleaning.

This will ensure that any dirt or debris is removed from the saw itself as well as from any of the parts such as the chain, bar, and sprocket.

4. Clean the inner Body

Also, make sure to clean the inside of the saw as well.

This includes the oil pump, oil tank vent, and outlets near the clutch, as well as cleaning out any dust or debris from inside the body of the saw.

5. Store the Chainsaw Vertically

Every person who uses a chainsaw has probably asked themselves, “Should I store my chainsaw upright or on its side?”

Unfortunately, vertical storage may result in gasoline and chain oil dripping down the bar.

To prevent this from happening, you can either empty the fuel tank, bar and chain oil prior to storing it upright—or you could hang your saw for a few days and “burp” it afterward.

Since air molecules build up on the liquid inside these tanks over time, the pressure inside them builds up, and you have to burp them to keep them from leaking.

All that must be done is unscrew each gas tank just enough for gases to escape slowly; otherwise, the liquid will soon follow!

6. Choose The Right Place To Store

  1. Store your chainsaw in an area that is easy to access and away from children or pets.
  2. Hanging it on a wall should be avoided, as it could possibly fall and hurt someone.

7. Hang the Chainsaw by the Rear Handle

Simply hang your chainsaw from the handle or trigger area on a wall hook.

Place a drain pan beneath it and let it hang in that spot for several days until all the fluids have drained out of the tanks.

This is the preferred way to store your chainsaw without leaking.

It’s important to remember that you should never hang a chainsaw with its bar pointing downward.

As this will cause fuel and oil to leak out of the tanks and onto the floor.

You should also drain the fluids before storage or burp the tanks after they’ve been hanging for a few days.

8. Hang the Chainsaw by the Top Handle

Another way to store a chainsaw that might be less likely to leak is to hang it by its top handle. 

9. Avoid laying it on its side.

Laying a chainsaw on its side for a long time can cause fuel to leak out and oil to spill.

This is because there are ports for the gasoline and oil tanks on both sides of the chainsaw, which can cause leakage when in contact with a surface.

Causes Of Chainsaw Leaks Oil When Not In Use 

How to Store Chainsaw Without Oil Leaking

Over-Filled Tank

If you fill your chainsaw’s tank with too much oil or don’t drain the oil, it will start to leak out when the machine is not in use.

Running a chainsaw without cutting a wood

If you run your chainsaw for too long without cutting any wood, the air filter can become clogged and cause oil to leak from the machine.

Oil drainage from the chain while rotating at high speed

The chainsaw’s chain moves at high speeds and can produce a lot of pressure, which can force the oil out of the machine.

Oil Seepage due to temperature variations

Changes in temperature can cause the oil to expand and contract, which can lead to seepage of oil.

Is It Normal For The Chainsaws To Leak Oil?

How to Store Chainsaw Without Oil Leaking

It is normal for chainsaws to leak oil when not in use, as long as the amount does not exceed 20 ml or less.

If you notice more oil leakage than this, there is likely a problem with the oil line or reservoir of your chainsaw.

Make sure to check and fix any leaking issues as soon as possible.

To avoid ground mess, it is better to keep the rug under the chainsaw when storing it.

If the leakage is due to the overfilled tank, you should drain the oil from it to avoid any further mess. 


Does Electrical Chainsaws Leak Oil

An electric chainsaw may also leak oil, and the causes of this leak will be very similar to what we see in a gas-powered chainsaw.

As a matter of fact, electric chainsaws do not need fuel, but they still use oil for lubrication.

Therefore, if the tank is overfilled, the chainsaw will leak.

The resolution for this would be to take out a small amount of oil from the tank and also clean the gaskets in order to prevent any further leakage.

If the oil leaks even after you’ve done this, then it could be because of a dusty oil pump.

The extra oil in the pump gasket can also be a cause of the leakage.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean the gaskets and check them for any damage or wear.

If any are found, replace the gasket immediately to prevent further leakage.

Overall, it is important to make sure that your chainsaw is properly stored in order to reduce oil leakage.

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