Electric vs Gas Chainsaw: Which One is Best for Your Needs?

When it comes to clearing your yard, electric or gas-powered chainsaws offer extraordinary power and convenience.

Deciding between the two can be tricky, so let’s explore electric vs gas chainsaw!

Electric chainsaws provide exceptional performance in a lightweight package, while their gas-powered counterparts boast greater torque for heavier tasks. 

Though electric and gas-powered chainsaws have their own unique characteristics, they both offer excellent choices when it comes to cutting down trees and limbs.

Let’s take a closer look at electric and gas-powered chainsaws to help you decide which will best suit your needs.

Chainsaw Gas vs Electric — How They Work

If you use a chainsaw in gas-powered mode or an electric type, the cutting operations are identical.

The chain rotates continuously around the guide bar, and when it’s pressed on wood, it cuts through them. However, there are differences in how the chain operates.

Gas-powered chainsaws are powered by a two-stroke engine which is fueled by gasoline mixed with oil.

The electric motor in electric chainsaws is powered by electric current, either from a battery or via a power cord plugged into an electric outlet.

The electric chainsaw can be operated more conveniently, as it’s much lighter and doesn’t need fuel. It also produces less vibration, noise, and emissions.

Gas saws offer more power, but they can be heavier and need regular maintenance.

Chainsaw Gas vs Electric — Cost and Efficiency

For most cutting jobs corded electric model is more affordable and costs less to maintain and operate. Gas saws usually come with a higher initial price tag, but they’re more powerful and can cut through thicker material.

Electric chainsaws are usually limited to cutting limbs, small trees, and logs up to about 10 inches in diameter.

Gas-powered chainsaws can cut through logs and trees of much larger sizes and can be used for difficult jobs like cutting through hardwood or removing large branches and trees.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Chainsaws

The electric chainsaw has several advantages, including:

  • Easy to maneuver and operate
  • Quieter than a gas-powered saw
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost-efficient to operate and maintain

The corded electric chainsaw is limited by its electric power cord, which restricts the area of operation.

Also, electric chainsaws are not as powerful, and they can be easily overwhelmed by thick branches, large logs, or hardwood.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Chainsaws

The gas-powered chainsaw has several advantages including:

  • More power and torque than electric counterparts
  • Can cut through larger pieces of material
  • Portable and can be used anywhere

The downside to gas chainsaws is that they are noisy, require regular maintenance, and generate more emissions.

They’re also heavier than electric chainsaws and can be difficult to maneuver in certain positions.

Types of Electric Chainsaws

Generally, chainsaw electrics have two kinds. They have similar operation methods which drive chains.

The key differences lie in the powering mechanism.

Cordless chainsaws also known as battery chainsaws or battery chainsaws require power from a battery which makes them ideal for home use and for cutting in remote areas, whereas, corded electric chainsaws require electric current from a wall plug.

Types of Gas Chainsaws

There are two different types of gas chainsaws. The 2-cycle version will mix gasoline with oil and fill up one single tank of the vehicle. The 4 cycle requires no oil and gas blends. It contains two tanks that contain petrol or oil.

What types of tasks are you doing?

Another significant difference between electrical and gas chainsaws is how well the project is handled. Even though the industry continues to make strides over recent decades, the electric chainsaw remains smaller compared to its gasoline counterparts, so expect no unforeseen failures.

Electric saws provide excellent tools for most common yard tasks, from cutting trees, and limbs, to trimming trees. It is compact and light, so it can easily be lifted and reached in high limbs.

This reduces the costs of storage. In large projects, the use of gas sawing is advantageous for many reasons. Stronger engines are capable of quickly cutting through tough wood.

Our Top Picks for both Electric and Gas Chainsaws

If you’re looking to purchase a chainsaw, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top electric and gas models so you can find the best product for your needs. 

Let’s see the top picks for each of these categories.


Electric vs Gas Chainsaw FAQs

Do electric chainsaws work as well as gas?

Electric chainsaws generally work very well for smaller cutting tasks. They are not as powerful and can be easily overwhelmed by thick branches, large trees, or hardwood.

For larger cutting tasks, gas chainsaws are the preferred choice as they offer more power and torque.

Can an electric chainsaw cut down trees?

Yes, electric chainsaws can cut down trees, but they are limited to cutting limbs, small trees, and logs.

For larger trees and branches, a gas chainsaw is more suitable due to its power and torque.

Additionally, electric chainsaws are limited by their electric power cord, which restricts the area of operation.

What are the benefits of electric chainsaws?

Electric chainsaws have several benefits, including being lightweight and easy to maneuver, quieter than gas-powered saws, having cleaner emissions, being cheaper to operate, and requiring less maintenance.

Do electric chainsaws use a lot of electricity?

So when it comes to electric versus gas, which type of chainsaw is right for you? It really depends on the job you’re tackling. If you’re cutting small limbs and logs, electric chains


Electric and gas chainsaws are both powerful tools and have their own advantages. Electric chainsaws are great for smaller tasks around the home, while gas-powered saws are better for larger projects.

When deciding between electric and gas chainsaws, consider the type of task you need to complete and the size of the project. Make sure to research and read reviews before making your purchase so you can get the best saw for your needs.

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