Coocheer Chainsaw Review: Pros, Cons, and Comparison

Are you looking for a reliable and powerful chainsaw to get the job done? If so, don’t just settle on any ordinary saw; instead, consider investing in Coocheer Chainsaw.

This industrial-grade saw is designed with the highest quality components to make it a real workhorse. 

From its well-balanced design to its surprisingly slim frame, Coocheer Chainsaw packs in all of the features that anyone could want from an entry-level chainsaw – at a great price!

In this comprehensive review, we’ll cover everything about this product and break down why it’s worth considering if you’re in search of heavy-duty power equipment.

Read on this blog titled Coocheer Chainsaw Review till the end to find out what makes Coocheer Chainsaw stand out from the competition.

Product Summary

COOCHEER Gas Powered Chainsaws


  • 20-inch
  • 3.5 hp
  • 15.4 lbs
  • Gas Powered

The Coocheer Chainsaw is a high-performance tool that is perfect for cutting branches and felling wood.

Equipped with a 3.5 HP 62CC gas-powered engine and two imported chains, this chainsaw boasts an impressive speed of up to 8500 rpm and can deliver stable power to the 20-inch wear-resistant sprockets and chains.

What’s more, the chains have good wear resistance and a service life of over five times that of ordinary chains.

The chainsaw also features a quick gasoline filtration system that releases gasoline rapidly to prevent it from entering the engine.

It also has a three-layer gasoline filter that ensures the chainsaw is always in good working condition.

The saw is easy to install and operate, with a spring-assisted drawcord and easy-to-operate knob that ensures it starts quickly and cuts correctly.

The luxurious handle effectively reduces the vibration of the machine, making it more comfortable to operate for extended periods.

Here are some features of the Coocheer Chainsaw:

  • Powerful yet affordable
  • Durable ABS plastic structure
  • Sturdy bar and chain mechanics
  • Powerful 62-cc engine
  • 5HP efficiency with 8500rpm
  • Cuts wood logs, trunks, trees, and shrubs
  • Guide plates keep the chain safe and protected
  • Automatic oiler offers resistance against friction

Technical Specs

Efficient and Powerful Engine:

Unleashing a whopping 3.5HP of power, the 62cc, 2-stroke engine installed in this chainsaw is absolutely incredible!

With a remarkable 8500 revolutions per minute, this machine guarantees high-quality and cost-effective cutting services.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

Crafted from highly-durable materials, the 20” guide bar guarantees simple and effortless cutting with deep gaps in between.

Additionally, its spiked teeth make this chain an efficient choice for cutting through thick logs of wood.

Super Air Filtration System:

Coocheer utilizes an expeditious air filter system to keep the engine safeguarded from dirt and foreign debris.

Consequently, the engine is safeguarded from any undesired buildup for extended periods.

Quick Assembly:

It won’t take long to get the tool set up properly; it should be ready within 5-10 minutes.

As a result, it is straightforward for homeowners to begin operating their chainsaw after receiving the package.

Automatic Oiler System:

Automatic oiling is a marvel, effectively preventing friction and excessive heat from damaging the chain.

When your chain is adequately lubed, cutting becomes a much simpler task and you can quickly tidy up the lawn or backyard.

First Impression – Honest Review

Coocheer Chainsaw Review

I’ve always been one to invest in quality tools, and when it came to replacing my chainsaw, the Coocheer Gas Chainsaw was an easy choice.

This powerful 62cc 2-stroke engine provides smooth, consistent power output with reduced vibration for increased comfort and control. 

The 20-inch bar and chain offer a cutting capacity that makes short work of even the largest logs, and its sharp chain leaves behind clean, smooth cuts requiring minimal sanding.

What’s more, is that Coocheer puts safety first with its built-in chain brake and low-kickback design for secure usage. Lastly, its ergonomic handle gives me a firm grip without feeling fatigued – making this one of the best chainsaws I’ve ever owned. 

Pros and Cons of Coocheer Chainsaw 

Here are some pros and cons of the Coocheer Gas Chainsaw:

What We Like

  • Powerful yet affordable
  •   Durable ABS plastic structure
  •   Sturdy bar and chain mechanics
  •   Powerful 62-cc engine
  •   3.5HP efficiency with 8500rpm
  •  Cuts wood logs, trunks, trees, and shrubs
  •  Guide plates keep the chain safe and protected

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy at over 14 pounds
  • Expensive compared to smaller gas chainsaw models

Why Coocheer chainsaw?

With Coocheer chainsaws, you receive a remarkable value for the price. Not only are they budget-friendly, but their performance rivals that of premium models on the market. They’re gas-powered and are great for felling, cutting firewood, and limbing. 

With Coocheer chainsaws, you can trust their gas-powered performance to deliver optimal cutting power. Boasting a powerful 62cc 2-stroke engine, the 3.5 HP motor can reach speeds of up to 8500 RPM – perfect for getting you from point A to point B! This chainsaw is incredibly affordable and thumps with the amount of power it can churn out. Unquestionably, this one-of-a-kind tool will not be available for long!

User Ratings

The users rating speaks for its splendor

  • Safety Features: 4.6/5
  • Lightweight: 4.0/5
  • Value for money: 3.3/5

Comparison of Coocheer Gas Chainsaw and Poulan Pro PR5020

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To help you make an informed decision, in this blog titled Coocheer Chainsaw Review, we have compared Coocheer Gas Chainsaw and Poulan Pro PR5020.

Engine and Power:

Coocheer Chainsaw: The Coocheer gas chainsaw is packed with a robust 62cc, 2-stroke engine that can handle any cutting task you may have. Whether you need it for your profession or personal life, this product is versatile enough to serve multiple purposes.

Poulan Pro PR5020: With a 2-stroke 50cc engine, this chainsaw will make quick work of your toughest tasks. Although not as powerful as the Coocheer alternative, this model still offers dependable power for everyday uses such as taking down trees, trimming branches, and sawing firewood.

Bar Length and Cutting Capacity:

Coocheer Chainsaw: Equipped with a 20-inch bar, the Coocheer chainsaw is capable of effortlessly tearing through larger logs and branches. Its extended bar size is a perfect solution for those heavier cutting projects.

Poulan Pro PR5020:

With a 20-inch bar, the Poulan Pro PR5020 matches the Coocheer in terms of cutting capacity. It’s designed for versatile use and can handle a variety of cutting tasks around the home or farm.

Ease of Use and Maintenance:

Coocheer Chainsaw: TBoasting an ergonomic design and a simple initiation system, the Coocheer model offers an effortless user experience. Unfortunately, a few users have expressed difficulty with adjusting the carburetor and tightening the chain.

Poulan Pro PR5020: This chainsaw is effortless to operate due to its advanced pull-start system and the fact that it requires no tools for chain tensioning. Furthermore, OxyPower engine technology offers enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, allowing you to save money while helping the environment.

Coocheer Chainsaw: FAQs

What is the engine power of a Coocheer gas chainsaw?

The coocheer gas chainsaw has a powerful 62cc 2-stroke engine that operates at 3.5 HP and is capable of running up to 8500 RPM.

What is the weight of a Coocheer gas chainsaw?

The Coocheer gas chainsaw weighs over 14 pounds.

What is the price of a Coocheer gas chainsaw?

The price of Coocheer gas chainsaw varies depending on the seller and the model. However, it is generally considered to be an affordable option for a powerful chainsaw.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the Coocheer Chainsaw combines power, durability, and cutting capacity at a very reasonable price. It is an ideal option for both expert woodworkers as well as amateur homeowners looking to carry out their projects efficiently.

This chainsaw is designed to make even the most challenging tasks a breeze. We expect that you found this blog on the Coocheer Chainsaw Review to be beneficial.

Equipped with a robust 62cc engine, 20-inch bar, and multiple user-friendly features, it’s ready for any job you throw at it! Although its weight is more than that of other products in the market, it still surpasses them when it comes to performance and bang for your buck.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a reliable, powerful, and budget-friendly workhorse. Choose the Coocheer Chainsaw to transform your cutting experience today!

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