12 Best Chainsaws Under $100 [Review & Top Picks]

When taking care of your yard and garden, nothing beats having the right tools.

One tool that’s essential for a variety of tasks is a chainsaw.

However, quality doesn’t have to mean being expensive. 

You can still get an excellent budget chainsaw for property maintenance without breaking the bank.

Also, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to spend less.

This article will review some of the best chainsaws under $100.

Here, we’ll look at features like cutting performance, safety features, and ergonomics to help you find the right chainsaw for your needs.

How to choose the best chainsaw under $100


A good chainsaw should also be easy to use for long periods of time without making your body tired or stressed out. 

Look for one with adjustable handles, a lightweight design, and an ergonomic frame that fits your body comfortably

A good chainsaw should also be easy to use for long periods of time without making your body tired or stressed out. 

Look for one with adjustable handles, a lightweight design, and an ergonomic frame that fits your body comfortable

Length of Bar and Chain:

The length of the bar and chain on a chainsaw is also an important factor to consider. 

Longer bars allow you to tackle larger cutting jobs, while shorter bars are perfect for smaller, more detailed tasks. 

Choose a chainsaw with the right bar length for your needs.

Auto Oiling System:

An auto-oiling system is another great feature that helps keep your chainsaw running smoothly and efficiently.

Auto-oiling adds lubricant to the chain and bar automatically, making sure that your chainsaw stays in good shape with little upkeep.

Anti-vibration System:

A chainsaw with an anti-vibration system can help your body feel less tired and strained, so you can work for longer without getting uncomfortable. 

Look for a chainsaw with a sophisticated anti-vibration system that cuts down on vibration and makes it easy to use.

Low Kickback:

A low kickback chainsaw is always a good choice, as it reduces the risk of injury to the operator.

Look for one with a low kickback bar and chain combination, which helps reduce the risk of accidental injury or damage.

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Best Chainsaws Under $100

1. UPGRADE PICKOUHOUG Mini Cordless Chainsaw

2. HONORABLE MENTIONTingmengte Mini Chainsaw

3. BEST LIGHTWEIGHTBEI & HONG Mini Cordless Chainsaw

4. BEST FOR HEAVY-DUTY Maxlandar Electric Chainsaw

5. BEST BARPeektook Mini Chainsaw

6. ALSO CONSIDERTARANZY Cordless Mini Chainsaw

7. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCKZikopo Mini Chainsaw

8. RUNNER UPNew Huing Mini Chainsaw

9. BEST LIGHTWEIGHTSaker Mini Chainsaw

10. BEST OVERALLOregon CS1400 Electric Chainsaw

11. BEST PROFESSIONALProdcyc’s 6-inch mini Chainsaw

12. BEST LIGHTDUTYSarred 6-inch Cordless Chainsaw

1. OUHOUG Mini Cordless Chainsaw


  • 4 In
  • ‎550 w
  • ‎2 kg
  • ‎Battery Powered

Why We Picked It

The OUHOUGH Mini Cordless Chainsaw 6-inch has a powerful copper-core motor, a high-power battery, a self-locking switch, and a safety bezel. 

It is easy to use with one hand and is suitable for family work or temporary work.

The mini chainsaw comes with everything you need to use it, and it has two guide plates that are 4 inches and 6 inches long.

Moreover, the saw has an enlarged wind vent and a fan that cools down the machine quickly. It comes with a suitcase, which makes it easy to carry around.

Best of all, the chainsaw comes with a 4-inch guide plate, a 6-inch chain, two 4-inch chains, two 6-inch chains, two batteries, one pair of gloves, one suitcase, and a wrench.

Bottom Line

All these features make this product one of our best budget picks. Chainsaws Under $100

2. Tingmengte Mini Chainsaw


  • 6 In
  • ‎650 w
  • ‎2.57 lbs
  • ‎Battery Powered

The Tingmengte Mini Chainsaw 6-Inch is one of the best budget chainsaws under $100.

It has a powerful 650-watt motor, two 10000 mAh batteries, and a 6-inch chain length.

It features a safety bezel to prevent wood splashing and an overload protection function.

Furthermore, a safety-lock button prevents accidental starts.

It weighs only 2.57 pounds, is easy to install and operate with one hand, and you can use it for a variety of applications.

Best of all, it comes with a 30-day return service and a one-year warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase.

Bottom Line

We highly recommend this mini chainsaw to anyone who wants a cheap chainsaw with a lot of features.

3. BEI & HONG Mini Cordless Chainsaw 


  • 6 In
  • ‎80 w
  • ‎0.7 lbs
  • Battery Powered

Why We Picked It

We picked the BEI & Hong Mini saw as one of the best chainsaws under $100 because it has a powerful 80-watt motor, making it great for cutting wood and branches with ease.

It also has a comfortable, ergonomic handle, making it easy to use with one hand.

The best part is that the saw comes with two large lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged, so you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries soon.

It also has safety features such as a switch lock to prevent accidental activation and a  protective baffle to keep debris out of your eyes.

The chainsaw has ventilation holes to help with heat dissipation and comes with goggles for even more protection.

It also includes a 45-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Bottom Line

With all these features, it’s an ideal choice for anyone on a budget.

4. Maxlandar Electric Saw


  • 14 In
  • ‎750 w
  • ‎7.7 lbs
  • Ac Powered

The Maxlander Electric Saw is a powerful saw with 9 amps and 550 watts, ideal for large wood log tree cutting.

It comes with a 14-inch bar and a 0.05-inch chain gauge. It can easily handle 4×4 pressure-treated wood and cut through tree limbs up to 34 inches in diameter.

Best of all, it weighs only 7.7 pounds and is designed with an ergonomic double handle design, toolless tension, which keeps the chain stuck to the bar, and automatic chain lubrication, which reduces friction for smooth cutting. 

Finally, it includes a free 12-month warranty, so you can buy and use this ChainSaw with confidence.

Maxlander’s electric chainsaw is the best saw and a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and affordable saw that can handle big jobs.

If you are looking for a quality chainsaw that won’t break the bank, then consider the Maxlander Electric Saw.

5. Peektook Mini Chainsaw 


  • 18.89 In
  • ‎600 w
  • ‎1.8 lbs
  • Battery Powered

If you’re looking for a great chainsaw, the Peek-Took mini chainsaw is an unbeatable choice.

It’s incredibly affordable at less than $100, and you get a long-lasting battery life too.

It comes with a 600-watt motor and an ergonomic design for comfort and safety.

Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to use and comes with everything you need for quick assembly and startup. 

Best of all, it allows you to make fast, clean cuts on branches, logs, and more in a fraction of the time compared to other saws. 

Plus, it is safe to operate with its threefold safety measures.

On the downside, battery life could be improved, so it’s best to have a backup battery or another power source on hand. 

It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, powerful, and budget-friendly chainsaw.

Best of all, it comes with excellent after-sale services. So, you can be sure that you get the most out of your money. 

Whether you’re an occasional user or a professional contractor, the Peektook Chainsaw is an excellent pick for anyone in need of the best-budget saws under $100.

6. TARANZY Cordless Mini Chainsaw


  • 6 In
  • ‎550 w
  • ‎1.87 lbs
  • Battery Powered

Why We Picked it

Next on our Best Budget Chainsaws Under $100 list is the Taranzy mini chainsaw. This powerful yet lightweight chainsaw has a maximum chain speed of 19 ft/s and is capable of cutting through a 5-inch-thick branch in only 5 seconds.

It also features a safety switch to prevent accidental starts and a 90° splash guard for extra protection against any potential dust or debris.

This cordless chainsaw also has a long-lasting 21-volt battery and comes with an ergonomic design for comfortable use and excellent control.

Plus, it comes with all the necessary items, including two chains and a quality storage box – giving you everything you need to get started.

Finally, this Best Budget Chainsaw Under $100 comes with a satisfaction guarantee – so you can be sure of your purchase. 

It’s the perfect addition to any home or work tool shed and an essential part of any DIY project.

7. Zikopo Mini Chainsaw


  • 6 In
  • ‎550 w
  • 2.64 lbs ‎
  • Battery Powered

The Zikopomi mini saw is a powerful and cordless chainsaw. It has two rechargeable, 200-mAh batteries for a long working period.

For safety protection, it has a security lock, a 120° rotatable top protective baffle, and an ergonomic rubber handle for working without feeling tired. 

Moreover, it has an ultra-lightweight (only 2.64 pounds) body, which allows users to operate it with one hand. 

It also comes with an extra chain for replacement and installation tools, so you will not need to order a replacement. 

Price-wise, it’s affordable, which makes it a great choice for those looking for budget-friendly chainsaw options. 

The saw is perfect for cutting bushes, trimming gardens and orchards, trimming branches, woodworking, and other logging work.

If you’re looking for the best budget chainsaws under $100, Zikopomi’s mini cordless chainsaw is definitely worth considering.

8. New Huing Mini Chainsaw


  • 4 In
  • ‎550 w
  • ‎2.43 lbs
  • Battery Powered

Why We Picked It

The new Huing Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit is the best budget chainsaw available that meets all of your needs.

It features a strong, pure copper motor to provide you with longer run-time, more torque, and more power, which leads to less wear and tear.

The removable 21-volt rechargeable battery delivers fade-free power with no memory loss after charging.

It weighs only 3 pounds and comes with a soft anti-slip handle, making it easy to operate with one hand and allowing you to work for long periods of time without feeling tired.

The bar is  4 inches long, and it comes equipped with two saw chains for added longevity.

Moreover, it has a safety lock, which must be pressed before starting the saw switch, so you can avoid any potential accidents.

Also, the protective baffle can be turned from 0° to 90° to keep you safe when cutting, logging, or trimming branches. This keeps sawdust from flying everywhere.

The new Huing Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit is the best chainsaw you can buy for less than $200 that works well, is safe, and is efficient.

9. Saker Mini Chainsaw


  • 4 In
  • ‎550 w
  • 1.1 kg ‎
  • Battery Powered

The Saker Mini Chainsaw is ideal for home or small business use. It’s powerful enough to tackle any light-duty cutting task, yet it’s lightweight and comfortable to use. 

It weighs only 1.1 kg and has a total length of 4 inches, making it incredibly easy to operate with one hand. 

Best of all, it comes with two 1500mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, allowing you to change the power source without ever plugging it into an outlet. 

And the included safety lock prevents accidental starts, giving you peace of mind while you work. Furthermore, it’s easy to assemble and comes in a convenient carrying case – making it the perfect choice for Best Chainsaws Under $100.

The chainsaw is easy to carry and use, which makes it perfect for women and the elderly.

Moreover, with its powerful motor, high-efficiency cutting, and long-lasting battery life.

Overall, the Saker Mini Chainsaw is a great buy for those looking for Best Budget ChainSaws Under $100. 

10. Oregon CS1400 Electric Chainsaw


  • 16 In
  • 2400 hp
  • ‎13 lbs
  • Battery Powered

The Oregon CS1400 15 Amp Electric Chainsaw is perfect for professionals and homeowners alike who need an efficient and powerful chainsaw at an affordable price.

It has a powerful 15 amp motor that delivers 2400 horsepower and is built to last,

a ControlCut saw chain that stays sharper for longer and produces smooth cuts. It also has an integrated chain brake for safety, and a built-in chain tightening system, so you’ll never need tools to adjust the chain.

It also includes an oil-level window and front-hand guard to protect from flying debris. It comes with an automatic oiler to ensure the chainsaw is lubricated.

Best of all, it weighs only 13 pounds with an ergonomic handle for comfort.

With a 2-year warranty included, this is definitely one of the Best Budget ChainSaws Under $200.

If you’re looking for a powerful, reliable electric chainsaw at a reasonable price, the Oregon CS1400 is a great option.

11. Prodcyc’s 6-inch mini chainsaw

Prodcyc's 6-inch mini chainsaw


  • 6 In
  • 550 hp
  • ‎3 lbs
  • Battery Powered

Why We Picked It

Prodcyc’s 6-inch mini chainsaw is an excellent budget choice for anyone looking to get into chainsawing.

A powerful pure copper electric motor provides more running time and torque, allowing the job to be completed more quickly and with less effort.

It is safe, efficient, and reliable – perfect for garden logging, trimming branches, and cutting firewood as well as other outdoor leisure activities.

The automatic oiler also makes sure that the saw is always oiled so that the chain doesn’t get stuck or slip while it’s being used.

Moreover, the rotatable baffle prevents the sawdust from splashing, making it safe to use, while the heat dissipation design prevents the motor from burning out.

It also comes with two batteries and a useful carrying case

This mini chainsaw is sure to make light work of your pruning and cutting needs.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, efficient, and reliable chainsaw, the Prodcyc 6-inch mini chainsaw is an excellent choice.

12. Sarred 6-inch Cordless Chainsaw


  • 6 In
  • 550 hp
  • 3.3 lbs
  • ‎Battery Powered

Why We Picked It

The SARRED Electric Chainsaw is an affordable choice with a guard that can be turned 180 degrees.

The saw is easy-to-use, and anyone can operate it with one hand.

It has two batteries that can be charged, so it can cut quickly and smoothly for small jobs.

Its brushless motor allows for more efficient and longer-lasting use, while its very lightweight (only 3.3 pounds) design makes it perfect for one-handed operation.

Best of all? It comes with all the accessories, such as a wrench, you need in a convenient carrying case, making it an ideal choice for people on a budget. 

This chainsaw is ideal for those looking for a high-performance tool without breaking the bank.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable chainsaw that won’t break the bank, the SARRED Electric Chainsaw is definitely worth considering.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the best budget chainsaw under $100 can be a difficult task, but with the right information and knowledge of what to look for, you can find a quality chainsaw that meets all your needs.

From cutting performance to safety features, an excellent budget chainsaw is out there for you. 

Take your time researching and be sure to read reviews to find the perfect chainsaw for your needs.  Best of luck!

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