9 Best Chainsaw Helmet Reviews

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Are you looking for the best chainsaw helmet on the market? You’ve come to the right place!

Today, we’re going over some of the best chainsaw helmets that offer maximum protection and superior comfort while you work.

We’ll go over reviews from customers who have used these products and provide helpful information so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next chainsaw helmet.

With tons of options available, it can be difficult to know which one would be the safest and most comfortable choice for you, but our comprehensive review will help put your mind at ease.

Read on to find out more about each style of chain saw safety gear – plus a sneak peek at our top five picks for 2023!

What to look for when buying a helmet for a chainsaw

Weight is an important factor to consider when buying a chainsaw helmet.

A heavy helmet can cause neck strain, which may lower productivity or increase fatigue.

As an experienced chainsaw user, I understand that lightweight helmets are considered more comfortable than their heavier counterparts.

Also from various customer reviews on the internet, we found that lighter helmets reduce user fatigue and provide better overall performance.

To determine the weight of the helmet, look for helmets made with lightweight materials such as polycarbonate and advanced composite materials. 

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is essential when using this type of power tool due to the loud sound it produces.

Chainsaws can exceed 100 dB, so look for full-coverage helmets with noise-reducing ear muffs or built-in noise-canceling technology.

It’s also recommended to add foam inserts for extra protection against high decibel levels generated by saws and other power tools. 


Ventilation is an often overlooked aspect when shopping for a chainsaw helmet, but it plays an important role in providing comfort and safety during operation.

Many helmets feature adjustable ventilation systems which allow you to open or close vents depending on needed airflow inside the helmet.

Look for adjustable vents with large openings that allow maximum air circulation while still providing adequate protection from flying debris and dust particles, as well as protection from sun exposure during outdoor work sessions. 


Another important factor to consider is visibility when looking at different models of chainsaw helmets.

Look for models equipped with clear visors or tinted face shields designed to reduce glare caused by sunlight or indoor lighting fixtures while still giving users full peripheral vision around their workspace area.

To further enhance visibility outdoors, choose models with special protective coatings on their exterior lenses that block out UV rays caused by direct sunlight and protect your eyes from damage over time.

Faceguard or visor:

An effective faceguard or visor is essential for safety when using a chainsaw.

It should be made from a durable material such as polycarbonate and have anti-fog capabilities to ensure the user’s vision is not impaired.

The guard should also have adequate airflow so that the user does not become overheated.

Additionally, it should provide protection from branches and other objects that could come in contact with the face while operating a chainsaw.

According to statistics, approximately 36,000 chainsaw injuries occur annually because of kickback and flying debris hitting the face or other body parts while operating the saw.

ANSI Certification:

ANSI certification is an important factor to consider when buying a helmet for chainsaw use.

All helmets must meet standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in order to protect against head injuries resulting from impact, electrical shock, and penetration of objects into the helmet.

The certification covers protection against falling objects, head impact protection, noise attenuation levels, penetration resistance, flame resistance, thermal insulation, and more.

Another study shows that approximately 30,000 injuries occur each year-related injuries are caused by head trauma, making proper certification essential for users looking for optimal safety when operating these power tools.

Best Chainsaw Helmet

1. BEST PROFESSIONALOregon 563474 Helmet

2. MOST COMFORTABLEHusqvarna 592752602 Helmet


4. BEST BUDGETFelled Forestry Helmet

5. UPGRADE PICKTR Industrial TR88011 Helmet

6. BEST LIGHTWEIGHTRedneck Convent Chainsaw Helmet

7. MOST COMFORTABLEPfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet

8. HONORABLE MENTIONERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit

9. ALSO CONSIDER Essie Forestry Safety Helmet

1. Oregon 563474 Helmet

Oregon 563474 Helmet


  • ‎Medium Size
  • 2.18 lbs
  • Plastic Material
  • Yellow

The Oregon 563474 Helmet is a reliable choice for anyone who needs quality protection while operating a chainsaw.

It comes with a 6-point easy-adjust harness to give you a perfect and snug fit.

With a durable stainless steel mesh visor that is wider than most helmets, and flip-up and flip-down functionality, this helmet ensures clear visibility and better protection.

For face protection, it has a face shield that prevents cuts and scrapes from flying food chips and debris.

The ear muffs come with an adjustable volume control for adequate hearing protection.

Approved by ANSI standards and meeting ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type I, Class E, Class G, and C requirements, it is a great choice for your head protection.

Best of all, it’s lightweight, and with comfort and its ventilation system, it’s a reliable and perfect option to consider.

2. Husqvarna 592752602 Helmet – Editors Pick

Husqvarna 592752602 Helmet


  • ‎Medium Size
  • 2 lbs
  • Plastic Material
  • Orange

Next on the list is the Husqvarna 592752602 Helmet. This helmet is designed to be both smart and safe, ensuring you’re always protected when handling your chainsaw.

With its 6-point textile suspension and three different settings to adjust the depth of how the helmet sits on your head, you can provide yourself with comfort from any angle.

The Egyptian cotton core sweatband with a porous coating for maximum sweat absorption ensures that all of your vital points are covered and are kept dry throughout use. 

For even greater protection the Husqvarna also meets and exceeds ISEA/ ANSI Z89.1-2014 Type I with electrical insulation – rated to Class E as well as offering two options for adjustment: wheel or slip ratchet making it easy to make sure it fits just right.

On top of this, it also offers adjustable ear muffs for hearing protection plus a flip-up nylon visor with metal mesh so you can see clearly while keeping debris away.

Its superior design provides complete coverage during use while still keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable no matter what kind of job you’re working on.

3. NEIKO 53880A Helmet

NEIKO 53880A Helmet


  • One Size
  • 2 lbs
  • Steel Mesh Material
  • Yellow

Similar to the Husqvarna 592752602, the NEIKO 53880A Forestry Helmet is another best chainsaw helmet for any chainsaw user.

This hard hat with a face shield and earmuffs serves as great multi-purpose equipment to keep you safe while working with your chainsaw.

It’s an ideal accessory to protect your eyes, head, and hearing while in forested settings.

It also provides a protective face mask that is essential for anyone using a saw outdoors.

Perfect for use by forestry workers, tree cutters, and timber jacks, the NEIKO 53880A is essential for keeping you safe and secure.

With this helmet, you get the ultimate protection for your eyes with the included face shield and mesh shield for face protection.

As compared to other brands, the hearing protection could be improved; however, it provides reasonable hearing protection thanks to the included earmuffs, which serve as a twin layer of defense against outside hazards.

The best option to consider, the NEIKO 53880A Forestry Helmet is one of the top-notch safety gears—it’s perfect for loggers and woodcutters alike!

4. Felled Forestry Helmet


  • One-Size
  • 0.98 kg
  • ‎polypropylene Material
  • Green

When it comes to tough jobs that require you to use a chainsaw, your safety comes first.

The Felled Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System offers maximum protection and meets all safety standards for operations involving a chainsaw.

This 4-in-1 design ensures your head, face, and ears get the protection they need with its lightweight helmet offering 6 top vents for excellent airflow and a back dial for size adjustments down to 6-7/8 inches (17.5cm).

Plus, its high-density impact cap coupled with a polypropylene shell plus fabric head cradle will make sure anything bulky stays put. 

No more worrying about irritating dust particles or debris thanks to the clear impact polycarbonate visor that provides full face coverage as per CE EN 166 1B standards while remaining lightweight, removable, and flipping up or outward when not in use.

You can even switch out the visor with the included mesh face screen when needed.

Don’t worry about hearing damage either; this system includes lightweight earmuffs rated at 30 decibels of noise reduction (NRR) plus 23 decibels of signal-to-noise rating (SNR) – so noise has nowhere to go!

All in all, Felled Forestry has got your back when it comes to completing tough jobs safely. With this highly insulated helmet and hearing protection system on, you can feel secure knowing you’re well protected during a tough day of work

5. TR Industrial TR88011 Helmet – Best Light Weight


  • Adult Size
  • ‎Orange
  • Plastic Material

Whether you’re doing forestry work, using chainsaws and brush cutters, or working with trimmers, the TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet is your perfect companion.

This durable 5 in 1 safety helmet comes with the added protection of adjustable/removable earmuffs and interchangeable plastic visor and mesh visor – so that you can customize your coverage to fit whatever project you’re working on.

You’ll love how it fits securely on your head with its convenient dial knob adjustment, making it easy to find the right circumference between 20 – 24.5 inches for optimal fit and comfort. 

And unlike other helmets, this one is ANSI Z89.1-2003 certified – meaning that all of its parts are compliant with their industry’s highest safety standards – so you can feel safer and more secure when out on the job.

And if that wasn’t enough, it also features a whopping 26 dB noise reduction rating—ideal for those long days filled with blockbusting noise! 

6. Redneck Convent Chainsaw Helmet

Redneck Convent Chainsaw Helmet


  • Adjustable Size
  • ‎Red
  • ‎0.98 kg
  • ‎Polypropylene Material

Tackle tough jobs with the Redneck Convent Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System.

This 4-in-1 design offers protection from head to toe, giving you peace of mind while taking on the toughest job sites.

Also, the helmet provides six top vents and a 6-point suspension arborist helmet with a back dial for adjustments down to 6-7/8 inches (17.5 cm).

The high-density impact cap, polypropylene shell, and fabric head cradle protect your dome when things get tough.

And the clear impact polycarbonate visor ensures full face protection (CE EN 166 1B). You can even switch between a mesh face screen and a visor as needed to keep air flowing.

Keep your hearing safe, too! Lightweight ear muffs provide both 30 decibels (dB) of noise reduction rating (NRR) and 23 dB of signal-to-noise rating (SNR) (CE EN 352-3).

Overall, with earmuffs pair, polycarbonate visor, 1 meta mesh visor, and easy-to-read instructions, this is one of the best chainsaw helmets for anyone who wants to stay safe and work smarter on tough projects!

7. Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet


  • Adjustable Size
  • ‎Red
  • ‎0.98 kg
  • Polypropylene Material

The Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet is our next best choice. It gives chainsaw users the most protection possible.

With its ANSI Z133 compliance and EN 397 and EN 12492 certification, this bright orange and grey helmet provide a perfect fit even when working in sloping or overhead positions.

Incorporating hearing and face protection directly into the polycarbonate shell prevents snagging and allows cooling air to flow in freely while trapping heat to escape through the ventilation gate.

Best of all, adjustments can be made with just two fingers—making it easy and convenient no matter how long your day gets.

The removable shield and ear muffs add an extra level of comfort and security, while the adjustable neckpiece ensures a secure fit no matter how vigorous the activity gets.

Overall, it gives the user the most safety and lets them use the chainsaw safely because of how well it is made.

8. ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit


  • Adjustable Size
  • ‎Black
  • ‎2.75 lbs
  • Polypropylene Material

The second-last item on the list is the ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Helmet. This comprehensive kit features all the essential safety items you need to ensure a successful chain saw job.

This formidable Omega II helmet meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Classes C, E, and G requirements.

Don’t worry about objects flying off your chainsaw – the Model 4000 steel mesh face screen also included ensures debris won’t catch you off guard and meets ANSI Z87-S 1992 requirements!

And there is no need to worry about your face screen locking into place; the model 5000 visor carrier attachment keeps it firmly in place and has 3 positions for extra protection.

Finally, for optimal ear protection, we have provided a pair of sound shield ear muffs that fit perfectly into the Omega II helmet.

Overall, ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Helmet is another best option you can definitely consider buying.

9. Essie Forestry Safety Helmet


  • Medium Size
  • ‎Orange
  • 2.89 lbs
  • ‎‎‎Modern Style

The Essie Chainsaw Forestry Safety Helmet is last but not least!

A one-of-a-kind helmet designed to maximize protection, this ISE helmet has ear defenders and a quick change visor included in an eye-catching hi-visibility color — yellow or orange!

It’s lightweight yet durable, sure to provide adequate ventilation while covering your neck, face, and ears.

With its adjustable size fit, as well as its modern style, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety with the Essie Chainsaw Forestry Safety Helmet.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional chain saw operator, don’t leave your job site without the ultimate head protection—the Essie Chainsaw Forestry Safety Helmet!

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Best Chainsaw Helmet FAQs

Should you wear a helmet with a chainsaw?

It is absolutely essential to wear a helmet when using a chainsaw. A chainsaw is one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment you can use due to the speed and power of the spinning blades, and therefore having proper safety measures in place is paramount. 

A helmet not only protects your head from debris, flying objects, or even injury should the chain break lose, but it also offers protection for your face through its visor, which can help keep sawdust out of your eyes and protect them from any flying debris or other harmful substances that may be present while handling a chainsaw.

Furthermore, some helmets come with hearing protection as well which can help reduce long-term damage to hearing caused by long exposure to loud noises such as those produced by running a chainsaw engine. 

How long does a chainsaw helmet last?

The lifespan of a chainsaw helmet will depend on the type and quality of the helmet.

If it is made from high-quality materials, such as a strong, durable plastic shell or even a steel mesh face screen, then it can last for many years.

However, if the helmet is made from lesser-quality materials, then it may need to be replaced after a few months or even weeks of use.

Which safety helmet is best?

When deciding which safety helmet is best for you, it is important to consider your own needs and preferences. Some helmets are better suited for professional use, while others are more suited for hobbyists.

Furthermore, some helmets come with additional features such as hearing protection or adjustable straps that can help make them more comfortable and customizable to the user. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine which helmet best suits your individual needs.

What protective gear for chainsaws?

Aside from a helmet, there are several other pieces of protective gear that should be used when operating a chainsaw.

This includes gloves to protect your hands from the sharpness of the chain, protective eyewear to keep dust and debris out of your eyes, hearing protection to reduce exposure to loud noises, and chaps or leg protection to prevent injury from the kickback of the saw.

Furthermore, it is important to wear long sleeves and other protective clothing to protect yourself from any hazardous substances that may be present while handling a chainsaw.

Who needs a chainsaw safety helmet?

Everyone who works with or operates a chainsaw should wear a safety helmet. This includes professionals, hobbyists, and even those working in forestry or similar industries.

A chainsaw can be a dangerous piece of equipment, and therefore wearing the appropriate safety gear is essential to protecting yourself from injury. Furthermore, chainsaw helmets can also help protect your face and head from dust, debris, and other hazardous substances while working with a chainsaw.

What is the best chainsaw helmet in 2023?

The best chainsaw helmet in 2023 is the Oregon 563474 Helmet. This helmet is designed with durability and comfort in mind and features a strong, durable plastic shell as well as adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

The visor is also made from steel mesh to provide additional protection from flying debris and hazardous substances. The helmet also comes with hearing protection to reduce exposure to loud noises, making it the perfect safety gear for operating a chainsaw in 2023.

Who makes the best chainsaw helmet?

Husqvarna is renowned for its high-quality protective gear and makes some of the best chainsaw helmets on the market. Their helmets are constructed with strong, durable materials such as steel mesh and hard plastic to provide the ultimate protection while operating a chainsaw.

They also feature adjustable straps for a custom fit, as well as hearing protection to reduce exposure to loud noises. Furthermore, their helmets are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort and safety to the user, making them the ideal choice for anyone who needs a chainsaw helmet.


In conclusion, it is important to choose the best chainsaw helmet for your individual needs and preferences. The Oregon 563474 Helmet is a great choice for 2023, as it offers the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and safety features.

Additionally, Husqvarna is renowned for its high-quality protective gear and makes some of the best chainsaw helmets on the market.

Ultimately, it is up to you to determine which helmet best suits your individual needs. Thank you for reading!

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