Best Chainsaw for Home Use Reviews in 2023 – Top 9 Picks

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Are you seeking a reliable chainsaw to make your home projects a breeze? With the right chainsaw, you can trim branches, cut firewood and even chop small trees easily.

But when choosing the right chainsaw for home use, it can be difficult to know which one is best.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on the essential factors to consider when selecting a chainsaw for home use.

We’ll explore the different types of chainsaws available and explain which features are important for your project.

We’ll also offer our top picks for different needs and budgets. In addition, we’ll provide helpful tips on how to get the most out of your chosen tool.

So if you’re ready to find the best chainsaw for home use, let’s dive in and start!

Best Chainsaws For Home Use: factors to consider

Several factors should be considered when buying the best chainsaw for home use.

Power source:

The first factor is the type of chainsaw.

Electric models are quieter and require less maintenance, while gas-powered models are more powerful and can tackle tougher tasks.

Battery-operated chainsaws provide a good mix of convenience and power. 

Bar & Chain Length

The second factor to consider is the chainsaw bar length; this determines how big wood pieces you can cut with it.

A shorter bar length (10-16 inches) is more suitable for light and general cutting tasks, while longer bars (18-24 inches) are better suited to heavy-duty projects. 

Chainsaw Power:

The third factor to consider is the chainsaw’s power.

Electric models measure power in amperage, battery-operated ones measure voltage, and gas-powered models measure engine size in cubic centimeters (CC).

More power typically means faster cutting times but also higher fuel costs in gas-powered models. 

Safety features

Safety should be one of your primary considerations when buying a chainsaw.

Look for safety features such as a chain brake or kickback guard to help prevent serious injuries while operating the saw.

It’s also wise to have proper personal protective equipment such as thick gloves, safety glasses, and chaps when using any chainsaw. 


Finally, ergonomics should also be considered when purchasing a home-use chainsaw; a well-balanced saw with comfortable grips can reduce fatigue during long periods of use.

An adjustable handlebar allows you to customize the saw to your body type for maximum comfort.

1. Greenworks Pro 60V Chainsaw

GreenWorks 60V Chainsaw Review


  • 16 in
  • 12.67 lbs
  • 60v
  • Battery powered

I recently purchased the Greenworks Pro 60V Chainsaw, and I have to say I am impressed.

This chainsaw has some serious power with 20% more torque and faster cutting than a 42cc gas-powered chainsaw.

The no prime, no choke, no pull easy-starting system makes it easy to start without aggravating the pull cord.

It’s also really lightweight, which means less fatigue or risk of injury when using it for long periods. 

Advanced brushless motor technology provides incredible power and performance with virtually no maintenance.

Plus, the side-mounted chain tensioning allows you to easily maintain the bar and chain while the automatic chain oiler takes away the guesswork with its transparent oil-fill window.

Additionally, there’s an inertia-activated chain brake for safety if something goes wrong.

Overall, this is an ideal tool for anyone looking for a reliable medium-level chainsaw that won’t let them down.

With its impressive power and performance, ease of use, and low maintenance requirements, I highly recommend the Greenworks Pro 60V Chainsaw!

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2. WORX WG322 20V Chainsaw 

WORX WG322 Battery Powered Chainsaw


  • 10 in
  • 6.19 lbs
  • 1 hp
  • Battery Powered

The WORX WG322 20V Chainsaw is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful, lightweight chainsaw. 

The 20V battery makes it incredibly portable. The 12.5 ft/s chain speed ensures that even large logs and branches can be cut quickly and efficiently. 

The auto-chain tension system takes the guesswork out of setting the correct tension, while auto-chain lubrication keeps the blade running smoothly and extends its life. 

The same battery can be used with over 75 tools in WORX’s PowerShare family, so you can invest in a wide variety of tools, knowing that your battery will work with each one. 

And if you’re really looking for power, using two batteries together can give you 40V or even 80V performance – suitable for serious projects. 

The WORX WG322 is a great choice for homeowners looking to take on bigger jobs without cords or gas tanks.

Its fast cutting speed and reliable performance make it an impressive tool that won’t disappoint!

3. BLACK+DECKER (LCS1020) 20V Cordless Chainsaw  


  • 10 In
  • 20 v
  • 3.0 Ah Battery
  • Battery powered

The BLACK+DECKER (LCS1020) 20V Cordless Chainsaw is a powerful and reliable tool for DIY projects. 

The lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and reduces fatigue, while the tool-free chain tension system ensures easy adjustments are made quickly. 

This saw is also equipped with an improved oiling system that comes with a clear window to gauge the oil level easily.

The 10″ premium Oregon low kickback bar & chain allow smooth and fast cuts, making it ideal for larger jobs such as pruning trees or cutting firewood. 

It also features a nickel-cadmium battery, so you can charge it quickly and use it longer than other cordless chainsaws. 

Moreover, the ergonomic handle provides extra comfort and minimizes fatigue when making long cuts. 

Overall, this chainsaw is appropriate for any homeowner who needs power and reliability around the house, both inside and out. 

It’s reliable, efficient, easy to use, and requires minimal maintenance – all at an affordable price point! Highly recommend this one if you’re looking for a dependable cordless chainsaw that won’t let you down.

4. EGO Power+ CS1604 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw - best chainsaw under $300


  • 16 in
  • 18 lbs
  • 3.5 hp
  • Battery powered

I recently tested the EGO Power+ CS1604 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, and I must say that I am highly impressed with its performance. 

It features a high-efficiency brushless motor that delivers 6800 RPMs and extends motor life with low vibrations. 

The construction is extremely durable and weather resistant, so you can trust it to stand up in tough conditions. This chainsaw also features advanced battery technology that provides power equivalent to gas while eliminating noise, fuss, and fumes associated with traditional gas-powered chainsaws. 

The 5.0 Ah battery recharges astonishingly fast, taking only 40 minutes. Additionally, all EGO power tools are compatible with any battery. 

The chain tension can be adjusted without any tools, and the double guard bar provides more control when cutting through thicker materials. 

Other incredible features include a chain kickback brake to stop the saw immediately if necessary and a reversible bar for added convenience and flexibility in various cutting applications. 

I recommend this chainsaw to anyone looking for a lightweight yet powerful cordless option that offers reliable performance in every cutting application. 

With an impressive 6800 RPMs, weather-resistant construction, and quick recharge times, this cordless chainsaw from EGO Power+ will quickly become your go-to tool for all your yard work needs!

5. Oregon CS1500 18-inch Chainsaw


The Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw is a powerful, reliable, and efficient tool for tackling any job. It packs 15A of electric power with an integrated self-sharpening system (PowerSharp), making it perfect for homeowners and DIYers.

The 18-inch guide bar provides maximum cutting capacity, while its lightweight design makes it easy to use and transport. 

In addition, the PowerSharp self-sharpening system minimizes downtime by sharpening your chain in only 3-5 seconds.

It also comes with an ergonomic design that features a Chain Brake for added safety and an automatic lubrication system that ensures optimal performance with no need for manual intervention.

Setup is also a breeze thanks to the corded electric feature, which allows instant startup with no assembly required; all you need to do is plug it in. 

Overall, the Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw offers excellent value for money and is built to last with its UL Certified 2-year warranty.

Its superior performance and ease of use make it a great choice for homeowners and professionals alike – giving them reliable power at their fingertips whenever needed.

6. Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Chainsaw


  • 14 in
  • 21.9 pounds
  • 2 hp
  • Gas Powered

The Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Chainsaw is a powerful and efficient tool for small-scale logging and other projects. 

This model features a 38-cc, 2.1-hp X-Torq® engine that reduces emissions by up to 60% while increasing fuel efficiency by up to 20%. 

Plus, Smart Start® technology and LowVib® dampeners make it easy to start with minimal effort 

Additionally, this gas chainsaw has an inertia-activated chain brake to reduce the risk of injury due to kickback.

The Husqvarna 135 Mark II offers excellent performance in a lightweight 4.7-pound package. 

It’s equipped with an automatic oiler, plus a side-mounted tensioning system for easy slack adjustments and a centrifugal air cleaning system for expelling larger dust particles. 

With the 16-inch blade and combined choke/stop control, you can be sure of a safe and smooth operation no matter what size logs you are cutting.

In conclusion, the Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Chainsaw is an ideal choice for those who want a lightweight yet powerful saw for small-scale logging projects or general garden maintenance tasks. 

7. Makita XCU04PT1 18V X2 Brushless Chainsaw


  • 16 in
  • 21.9 lbs
  • 18 v
  • 3,940 FPM
  • Gas Powered
  • 15Ah Battery

If you’re looking for an effective and powerful chainsaw free from emissions, the Makita XCU04PT1 18V X2 Brushless Chainsaw is a great option. 

With two 18V LXT lithium-ion batteries powering its Makita-built Outer Rotor BL brushless motor, this saw offers consistent power and performance without leaving the 18V LXT platform. 

Plus, it’s ergonomic design and soft rubberized grips make it comfortable to use and easy to control while operating.

The Makita XCU04PT1 offers a bar length of 16 inches and a chain speed of 3,940 FPM, perfect for quickly cutting through medium-sized wood with precision. 

On top of that, it features a toolless chain adjustment for convenient operation and maintenance.

The only downside of this saw is its weight. At 21.9 lbs, it’s heavier than other chainsaws on the market, making it less suitable for extended use or if you need to carry your saw around frequently. 

Otherwise, it’s a great choice for reliable, no-emission cutting power you can rely on time after time.

8. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD



  • 16 in
  • 13.9 lbs
  • 18 v
  • 6600 RPM
  • Battery Powered
  • 150 Cuts Per Charge

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw is the tool we recommend for home use. 

It has a 16-inch Oregon Bar & Chain that gives improved performance and an automatic oiler to keep it running smoothly. 

It also has a variable speed trigger allowing users to adjust the speed to their needs. 

Powered by an 18-volt battery, it has enough juice to get up to 150 cuts per charge with M18 FUEL™ technology, making this chainsaw ideal for cutting through a variety of materials. 

The durable construction and chrome finish add extra protection for longevity. 

This saw also features onboard storage for the scrench, making it easier to access. 

Compatible with all M18™ batteries, this chainsaw can be used for light pruning tasks to medium-sized jobs such as tree removal or trimming branches. 

This chainsaw is designed to give users maximum power and control while still being lightweight and easy to maneuver due to its 13.9 lbs weight.

With 6600 RPM chain speed capabilities, this saw creates clean cuts quickly and efficiently without bogging down or losing control, even under heavy loads.

If you’re looking for a high-performing and dependable chainsaw for your home use, look no further than the Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw!

9. RYOBI 40-Volt RY405010 Cordless Chainsaw

Ryobi 40-Volt Battery Chainsaw - best 14 inch chainsaw


  • 14 in
  • 3.5 hp
  • 40 v
  • Battery Powered

The next item we will review is the Ryobi chainsaw. This saw comes with battery-operated power, and the brushless motor paired with 40V HP technology gives me 15% more power than my previous gas saws.

With a 24″ cut capacity, adjustable automatic oiler, side access chain tensioning, and onboard tool storage, I can easily make quick adjustments or repairs without worrying about having all the necessary tools handy. This saw is easy to store when not in use. 

Overall, this cordless chainsaw is excellent value and a great addition to any home workshop!

It’s reliable and powerful enough for professional use, lightweight, and easy to maneuver for novice users.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best chainsaw for home use is determined by a variety of factors – from purpose to power and budget.

When making an informed decision that meets your needs, consider the type of chainsaw, bar length, power, weight, safety features, ergonomics, maintenance requirements, brand reputation, and price.

Researching and comparing different models will ensure you are equipped with the right tool for your projects.

Investing in a quality chainsaw can make gardening, DIY, or yard chores easier and more enjoyable. With these considerations in mind, you will be able to find the perfect chainsaw for your home tasks.

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