Top 11 Best Chainsaw Boots | Expert Reviews

If you’re a chainsaw user, then having the right kind of protective footwear is essential for your safety and comfort.

The best chainsaw boots will offer maximum protection from any debris flying from the blade, as well as excellent stability and grip on uneven terrain.

Don’t worry—we’ve done all the research, so all you have to do is choose from this list of the 11 best chainsaw boots!

From full-length steel toe options to lightweight versions with composite toes, there’s a boot here for everyone looking to tackle their next major project safely, -so read on!

Safety Features:

Chainsaw boots are designed with a range of safety features to protect against injury. This includes reinforced outsoles for shock absorption, steel toe caps for impact resistance, and rubber soles for improved grip.

Safety features such as reinforced soles will help to protect your feet against cuts, abrasions, punctures, and other potential hazards. 

Comfort & Fit:

Comfort and fit are two of the most important elements when it comes to selecting the right chainsaw boot.

It is essential that the boots fit well. Additionally, the boots should be lightweight and comfortable enough to allow you to move freely and easily while working.

The best chainsaw boots will have flexible midsole cushioning that helps reduce fatigue on long work days. 


Chainsaw boots are designed to last for years under tough conditions with regular use so it’s important that they be made from high-quality materials in order to ensure long-term wear and tear.

Materials such as 100% leather or synthetic upper are very durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, or cold temperatures.

Additionally, many chainsaw boot models have reinforced toes that can better protect against abrasions or cuts from sharp objects like rocks or twigs during use. 


To help keep your feet dry during extended periods of exposure in damp environments like swamps or bogs, look for waterproofed chainsaw boots with Gore-Tex liners which will create a protective barrier between your feet and the wet ground below.

Other features such as breathable uppers also help keep your feet cool in hot climates. 


Chainsaw boots don’t have to be expensive in order for them to be effective; there are plenty of budget-friendly options available on the market today that still offer superior protection from potential injuries or hazards on the job site.

Look for models with rubber outsoles that offer excellent traction without breaking the bank 

Ease of Cleaning:

After a long day at work, it’s nice to know that cleaning up won’t take too much time – fortunately, certain chainsaw boots come equipped with an easy clean design that eliminates tedious scrubbing sessions after each use by allowing you rinse off dirt particles without having to remove any laces or accessories beforehand.

Best Chainsaw Boots

1. VIKING Class 2 Ultra Flexible Chainsaw Boots

Enjoy the unrestricted movement of your feet with our VIKING Class 2 Ultra Flexible Chainsaw Boots.

just like Timberland pro, Viking class 2 boots provide comfort for work in the forests and outdoors and tough inches of protection designed to keep your feet safe at all times.

Crafted from certified chainsaw protection ASTM F1818 Mid Class rating at 24m/sec, EN ISO 17249:2013 grade 1 steel toe safety shoes and equipped with slip-resistant soles, these boots have been specially crafted to help you tackle the toughest of terrains no matter what the environment throws at you.

During our testing phase, these boots provide comfort and durability as they feature an interior canvas lining.

Also, these boots also highly abrasion-, oil-, chemical- and slip-resistant, making them ideal for icy mountain terrain as well as standing water.

Plus, the air-cushioned heel will provide extra support when on those long trips out there.

If you need steel-toed boots, these VIKING Class 2 Ultra Flexible Chainsaw Boots are perfect for any size foot – men or ladies!

2. Timberland PRO 6 IN

The first item on our top-picks list is the Timberland PRO 6IN.

These boots are the perfect combination of style and color.

During our testing, we found that these boots are Crafted from waterproof leather upper and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

These boots are available in four different colors and the product quality is outstanding and is ASTM EH Compliant.

Whether you’re working hard at a construction site or tackling tough underbrush, slip resistance is provided by the non-marking, and oil-resistant MaxTRAX tread for superior traction.

Keeping your feet cool and dry during the warm summer months, 200 grams of insulation enables them to stay snug while not impeding breathability or moisture-wicking abilities.

Lastly, a stylish color gives them an extra level of charm no matter where you are or what you’re up to!

I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for the best chainsaw boots.

3. Haix Protector Prime Men Boots

Next on the list is the Haix Protector PrimeMens boot

This 6-pound boots pair offers unparalleled protection and comfort for even the toughest outdoor job. 

Built with durable nubuck leather upper with rubber toe and heel overlays, it features a two-zone lacing system to easily snug fit, giving your feet more flexibility.

They have the Gore-Tex membrane and Haix Climate System which are specially engineered to keep your feet dry and temperature balanced, while the Secura Liner prevents the lining from shifting or wrinkling.

And for extra cushioning, it has a machine-washable, quick-drying footbed. 

The non-metallic puncture plate offers European Class 2 cut protection while remaining EH/PR compliant according to ASTM F2413-18/I/C standards – so you’re safe to operate machinery without sacrificing any performance.

It’s CSA grade 1 toe Omega safety rated with a green triangle stamp of approval.

Plus, the Vibram 050 outsole provides superior slip resistance and makes sure you hit the ground running every time. 

These boots come in orange color and are 9 inches in height.

No matter how tough your environment may be, you can rely on the Haix Protector PrimeMens boot to get the job done and keep you safe!

4. Timberland Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot

Timberland Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot was created with industrial workers in mind.

It is made of 100% genuine leather and features a rubber sole,

ANSI-standard steel toe and an oil- and abrasion-resistant outsole for extra traction. Any worker can benefit from the comfort these steel toes bring—from padded top collars to suspension technology for best-in-class cushioning,

your ankles and feet will stay protected no matter how long you stand or walk.

The back of the ankle is specially cushioned so it won’t rub, allowing you to extend your projects longer without compromising your comfort levels.

You don’t even have to worry about lacing them up every time; simply slip on the boots with the top two speed lacers left loose.

For every job that requires durable protection and lasting joy for heavy-duty jobs like chainsaw work, choose.

On the downside, these boots might be a bit heavy for some people but the quality and protection they provide are more than makeup and you’ll get used to weight.

Timberland Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot. You can trust us to be comfortable and safe throughout hardworking days of relying on quality materials crafted into a boot just for that purpose!

5. DUNLOP mens Modern Boots

Dunlop men’s boots are another considerable option if you’re looking for the perfect combination of comfort and protection when working with chainsaws.

Throughout our testing period, its Purofort material provides all-day comfort making them ideal for tough outdoor work. Also, they are great for mud, wet areas, and brushwork.

Certified by ASTM/CSA, these boots have steel-toe steel midpalate and provide excellent insulating down to -4F.

They are large enough to accommodate tucking in your pants while still providing a snug fit—so no more dealing with blisters!

And despite being on the lightweight side, they feature an incredibly durable upper that is sure to sustain even the toughest of conditions.

On top of that, their low-to-mid calf height provides ample coverage without restricting movement or feeling cumbersome to walk in.

You won’t have any problems with slippery surfaces as well since these boots come with optimum traction capabilities. 

Overall, DUNLOP’s Mens Modern Industrial and Construction Boots are the optimum choice for anyone looking for dependable protection while working with chainsaws.

6. Georgia Boot Men’s 8-inches Construction Shoes

Another product we recommend after testing is the pair of Georgia Boot Men’s 8″ Loggers G7313 Industrial-and-Construction-Shoes, and I must say that these boots are top-notch.

They are constructed from 100% leather, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting.

The rubber sole provides excellent traction on any terrain, while the all-purpose heavy-duty performance makes them perfect for outdoor activities, such as construction work or hunting. 

But there is more to these shoes than just their durability and performance.

They also provide superior comfort with their ankle support, allowing me to wear them all day without any problems whatsoever.

And due to their waterproof steel toe design, I can confidently venture into any weather conditions and be sure that my feet will remain dry.

 What really sets the Georgia Boot Men’s 8″ Loggers G7313 Industrial-and-Construction-Shoes apart from other work boots is their excellent fit; they hug my feet perfectly and never slip off no matter how much movement I make.

Plus, the one-year limited warranty in normal use provided by Georgia Boots is a great plus for those who want extra assurance of quality products. 

While these boots are slightly heavier, they are worth the protection they provide.

For anyone looking for rugged yet comfortable work boots that can withstand the harshest conditions in any terrain or weather, then consider Georgia Boot Men’s 8″ Loggers G7313 Industrial-and-Construction-Shoes.

7. WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass 10″ Boot

Our next recommendation is WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass 10″ Boot

When we tested this product, we were impressed with its quality and performance.

The boot is constructed from 100% leather and feels incredibly durable.

Not only are these boots comfortable fit, but the rubber sole provides excellent traction and support while on my feet all day.

The Ortholite cushioned footbed is a great addition that keeps my feet comfortable even after long hours of walking or standing.

The flexible Contour Welt construction allows the boots to bend and flex along essential points for optimum comfort.

The waterproof leather exterior also repels water, oil, chemicals, and other elements that can damage the boot in harsh working environments; making it an ideal choice for anyone who works outdoors or frequently encounters rough terrain.

As this pair of WOLVERINE boots are durable, they will last longer before needing to be replaced due to their impressive durability features.

Overall, I highly recommend investing in a pair of WOLVERINE Men’s Boots if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are built to last in any environment or climate without sacrificing comfort.

8. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh

The KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh is a must-have for anyone who needs a reliable and comfortable pair of work boots.

The steel toe design provides a roomier toe box for maximum comfort, while the KEEN. DRY waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

These boots are also very sturdy and look great, making them an excellent choice for any job or outdoor activity. 

The Pittsburgh 6″ meets ASTM F2412 and F2413 I/75 and C/75 EH standards, providing superior protection against electrical hazards.

They are lightweight yet highly durable with good breathability, allowing your feet to stay cool all day long.

On the downside,  the tongue won’t stay and can slip out of the top.

Overall, these boots provide value for the money and provide without sacrificing comfort or style.

Plus, the rugged construction ensures they will last even in tough working conditions and they are incredibly comfortable and supportive with every step you take!

9. Carhartt Men’s 8″ Waterproof Leather Boot

The Carhartt Men’s 8″ Boot CML8369 is the next pair of boots we tried and tested.

These boots are made of 100% leather with a rubber sole and are suitable for forestry work- not the best choice for mechanic work.

The shaft measures seven inches from the arch and the heel measures two inches, making them perfect for everyday use.

It is also waterproof, which can be incredibly useful in certain situations. 

The comfort level of these boots is remarkable. They provide great cushioning for your feet and ensure that you don’t experience any fatigue or discomfort throughout the day.

The steel shank provides additional support as well as comfort for your feet, so you can work all day long without feeling tired.

The composite toe provides extra protection to ensure your safety on the job and in hazardous environments. 

Overall, they offer both comfort and protection while still looking stylish. Plus, they’re waterproof so they will keep your feet dry when other shoes might not be able to handle wet conditions as well as these do!

For anyone looking for quality work boots that are worth the money, I highly recommend these boots!

10. Timberland Men’s Boondock Boots

Last on the list, we recommend Timberland’s Men’s Boondock 6 Inch Composite Safety Toe Waterproof 6 CT WP boots

For a long time, I tried and tested them and they have been one of the best investments I’ve made.

They are made with 100% leather, imported from other countries, and the synthetic sole keeps them comfortable to walk in all day.

Furthermore, their waterproof Ever-Guard leather and rubber toe protectors make them incredibly durable and abrasion-resistant. 

These boots also feature shock-absorbing, geometrical technology to provide extra protection as well as keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The boots also have an amazing waterproofing capability which prevents any leaks or moisture that could ruin your feet.

Plus, they are slip resistant on surfaces such as oil, hydraulic fluid, or fuel. 

Overall these boots are an excellent investment if you need a safe pair of work boots that will last a long time and keep your feet dry during rainy or cold days.

However, I would suggest purchasing higher-quality laces and insoles since the OEM versions do not last very long. Apart from this minor setback, I highly recommend buying these boots as they are incredibly durable and will last you for many years!


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s important to invest in your safety and comfort when using a chainsaw, so investing in the best chainsaw boots will be worth your time and effort.

From steel toe versions to lightweight composite toe protections, there is something for everyone on this list.

When shopping for chainsaw boots, be aware of important safety features like reinforced outsoles for shock absorption as well as lugs for traction.

Overall, choosing the right pair of chainsaw boots can keep you safe from serious injuries while using your saw which will make your work easier and more enjoyable.

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