Best Budget Chainsaws – The 10 Best in 2023

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Chainsaws are essential tools for avid gardeners, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike. 

However, finding a reliable and efficient chainsaw that is also affordable can be daunting. 

Thankfully, a wide variety of budget chainsaws in the market offer a great combination of performance, durability, and affordability. 

A well-priced budget chainsaw is versatile, lightweight, and easy to use. This makes it a perfect tool for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who want to maintain their gardens or tackle various woodworking projects. 

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the crucial information you need to choose the best budget chainsaws for your needs. 

From the power source to the bar length, safety features, and more, we will explore all the key factors you should consider before purchasing.

This guide will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect chainsaw to deliver fantastic results without breaking the bank. 

1. DRINCOSH Mini Chainsaw – Best chainsaw under $50

DRINCOSH Mini Chainsaw


  • 4 in
  • 550 hp
  • 2.4 lbs
  • Battery powered

The first budget chainsaw you must buy is the DRINCOSH mini chainsaw.

Its battery-powered motor boasts an impressive 550 horsepower, making it a reliable and efficient tool for various cutting tasks.

One of the best features of this mini chainsaw is its one-hand use functionality.

The 2.4lb weight (including the battery) and 4-inch chain length make it easy to control even with just one hand. Therefore, it’s convenient for small projects and temporary work.

Despite its compact size, the DRINCOSH Mini Chainsaw has a 21V 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery that provides long-lasting use.

Within no time, it can be charged up and ready for use again.

It’s a highly convenient and efficient tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, the mini chainsaw is easy to transport and store in its small suitcase, and assembly is quick and straightforward. Everything can be up and running in under a minute.

Finally, the DRINCOSH Mini Chainsaw comes with a one-year warranty, meaning the knowledgeable customer service team can promptly address any concerns or doubts.

Overall, I highly recommend this well-performing chainsaw suitable for small jobs.

The DRINCOSH’s strong dynamic system, with its deep quenched guide chain, provides both efficiency and smooth cutting, making it a power-packed tool worth investing in.

2. SereneLife Electric Corded Chainsaw

SereneLife Electric Corded Chainsaw


  • 12 in
  • 4 lbs
  • Black Color
  • Corded electric

The next chainsaw we will review is the Serene chainsaw. Another great budget chainsaw to add to your collection.

With its simple plug-in operation, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power. 

Plus, the 10 ft long power cord allowed me to move freely while cutting and pruning shrubs and trees.

The 12-inch blade length is suitable for cutting through thick branches and shrubs. The engineered ABS housing, PP, and metal alloy steel blade make it durable and long-lasting. 

Despite its power, the chainsaw is surprisingly lightweight at 4 pounds. Its comfortable handheld grip makes it easy to maneuver and control.

One of the standout features of this chainsaw is the toolless chain tensioning system. 

A comfortable grip will make it easy to adjust the chain tension without any additional tools, making the process quick and hassle-free. 

It is, however, crucial to remember that the chain should always be fitted to the guide bar to prevent accidents or injuries.

The integrated oil container further adds to the convenience of using the chainsaw as it eliminates the need to carry oil around.

Overall, the SereneLife Electric Corded Chainsaw is another budget chainsaw for small projects for anyone looking for a reliable, durable, and easy-to-use for their landscaping and gardening projects.

3. CRAFTSMAN (CMECS600)Electric Chainsaw – Best Budget Chainsaw Under $100

CRAFTSMAN (CMECS600)Electric Chainsaw - Best Budget Chainsaw Under $100


  • 16 in
  • 3.5 hp
  • 44.0
  • Corded Electric

We recently tested the CRAFTSMAN (CMECS600) Electric Chainsaw.

Its 12-amp motor made quick work of tough cuts without any noticeable strain or struggles.

This chainsaw can easily split the main branch of an oak tree damaged by an ice storm, thanks to this chainsaw’s impressive horsepower of 3.5 hp.

One of the standout features of this electric chainsaw is its low kickback 16-inch bar and chain, which was very forgiving and easy to handle, even for a novice like myself. 

You’ll not experience any kickback and feel completely confident and safe operating the machine.

Another feature that made using this chainsaw a breeze is its built-in oil window and no priming required auto-oiling system.

This was a huge time saver, as you don’t need to stop and manually oil the chain at any point during my work.

Thanks to its tool-free chain tensioning system, the chainsaw was also easily adjusted for ideal cutting performance.

Overall, I highly recommend the CRAFTSMAN (CMECS600) Electric Chainsaw, especially for its impressive power, low kickback, and ease of use.

4. GreenWorks 120 volt Corded Chainsaw – Best Environment-Friendly Chainsaw Under $100

GreenWorks 120 volt Corded Chainsaw


  • 14 in
  • 8 lbs
  • 120volt
  • Corded Electric

GreenWorks 120-volt Corded Chainsaw is the next budget chainsaw you should consider if you are looking for an environmentally friendly chainsaw. 

This chainsaw is reliable and easy to use with its electric power source. 

The 10.5 amp electric motor starts within seconds, making it perfect for those needing to do the job quickly.

Adjustments can be made quickly and easily with toolless chain tensioning so you can get back to the task.

The wrap-around handle provides user comfort, making it easier to clear debris without worrying about muscle strain. 

On top of that, the translucent oil tank lets you keep a clear view of the oil level, so you never have to worry about running out of lubrication mid-task.

One of the productive features of this chainsaw is the auto-oiler, which provides adequate lubrication to ensure the best cutting performance without the hassle. Auto oiler makes cutting through even thick trees a breeze.

Overall, I have been highly impressed with the GreenWorks 120-volt Corded Chainsaw. Not only is it lightweight and easy to use, but it’s also affordable, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget. 

5. Oregon CS1400 Electric Chainsaw – Best Oregon Chainsaw Under $100


  • 16 in
  • 2400 hp
  • 8 lbs
  • Corded Electric

The next budget chainsaw to consider is the Oregon CS1400 Electric Chainsaw. 

Its powerful 2400 horsepower motor delivers exceptional performance, and the integrated chain brake ensures safe and accurate cuts every time.

One of the standout features of this saw is the automatic oiler which ensures that the chain and bar are lubricated at all times, reducing wear and extending the saw’s life.

Additionally, the ControlCut Saw Chain is low maintenance and stays sharper for longer, resulting in an incredibly smooth cut.

The design of this chainsaw is also awe-inspiring. The built-in chain tightening system does not require tools, making adjustments quick and easy.

The oil level window and front hand guard provide additional safety features, protecting users from flying debris.

Despite its powerful performance, this chainsaw is relatively lightweight and features low vibration, making it comfortable for extended periods.

The over-mold handle is comfortable to grip, even during longer cutting jobs.

Another significant advantage of the Oregon CS1400 is that it is corded. This makes it easy to start and use without a gas engine. The saw is incredibly responsive, and there is no need to wait for it to warm up before working.

I highly recommend this chainsaw to professionals and home users needing a reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use tool.

6. Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-inch – Best 18-Inch Bar Chainsaw Under $100

Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-inch - Best 18-Inch Bar Chainsaw Under $100


  • 18 in
  • 9.7 lbs
  • 120 V
  • Corded Electric

The next chainsaw I recommend for those with a budget of less than $100 is the Sun Joe SWJ701E chainsaw. 

Its 14-amp motor and self-lubricating Oregon bar and chain can tackle tough cutting jobs easily. 

The 18-inch chain does short work out of thick branches and stubborn tree limbs, up to 17.5 inches thick!

What impressed me the most about this chainsaw is its speed and aggressiveness when cutting through wood. 

The saw is robust yet lightweight at only 9.7 lbs, which makes it easy to maneuver and control. The ergonomic handle design adds to comfort, allowing for longer and more productive cutting sessions.

Safety should always be a priority when using a chainsaw, and the Sun Joe SWJ701E makes this a no-brainer with its hand guard and kickback brake function. 

The automatic chain brake stops the chain the instant the trigger is released, making it much safer.

Overall, I highly recommend the Sun Joe SWJ701E chainsaw to anyone who needs a reliable and powerful cutting tool. It suits anyone looking for a practical and efficient chainsaw that does the job quickly and safely.

7. Ecomax 18V Cordless Chainsaw – Best Budget Chainsaw Under $150


  • 12 in
  • 8 lbs
  • 18v
  • Battery Powered

Our following recommendation for the budget chainsaw is the Ecomax 18V Cordless Chainsaw. 

This battery-powered chainsaw is lightweight at only 8 pounds, making it easy to maneuver during a long day of cutting. 

The 12-inch chain length and 3/8 chain pitch, with a chain speed of 19.6 ft/s and a chain plate length of 12 inches, make it ideal for large log tree cutting. 

One of the standout features of this cordless chainsaw is its high-power battery.

The 4Ah battery provides continuous power for cutting through tough materials, making it perfect for longer jobs where power is needed.

Additionally, the tool features a fast and reliable tool-free chain tension knob system, ensuring the chain is always at the right tension.

Safety is always a top priority with power tools, and the Ecomax 18V Cordless Chainsaw has a double safety protection design.

This electric cordless chainsaw has a switch brake and a mechanical brake, so you can feel safe and secure while using it.

Ecomax 18V Cordless Chainsaw’s compact design is another noteworthy feature.

It is designed to be lightweight and balanced, making it easy to maneuver and operate for extended periods without fatigue.

In conclusion, as someone with experience in power tools, the Ecomax 18V cordless chainsaw is a top-notch option for anyone looking for a reliable, lightweight, and powerful tool. 

Its compact design, high-power battery, and double safety protection design make it a must-have for everyone who values safety and efficiency.

8. WEN (40417) Electric Chainsaw – Best Electric Chainsaw Under $200


  • 16 in
  • 3.5 hp
  • 12 lbs
  • Battery powered

If you want an affordable saw for medium-duty tasks, the (40417) electric chainsaw is the best.

This powerful, battery-powered chainsaw has exceeded my expectations in terms of both performance and durability. 

One of the standout features of this chainsaw is its brushless motor, which maximizes torque and ensures a long lifespan.

I have tested this chainsaw, felling over 40 trees without problem.

The 16-inch chain runs at speeds of up to 49 feet per second, making quick work of even the most challenging jobs. 

While the included 40-Volt 4Ah fade-free lithium-ion battery offers decent battery life, I recommend investing in multiple batteries for more demanding tasks.

I own six batteries, allowing me to use this chainsaw to run my sawmill without issues. 

As a regular consumer, you can expect this chainsaw to be easy to assemble and use. It is suitable for most around-the-house tasks (depending on your specific needs).

The included Oregon bar and chain are durable and efficient, ensuring a precise cut every time. 

However, charging times can be quite lengthy, so it is essential to plan accordingly. Additionally, the body weight and style may feel heavy for its intended use, depending on your individual preferences. 

I highly recommend the WEN (40417) electric chainsaw for anyone looking for a reliable, powerful alternative to traditional gasoline-powered chainsaws.

9. Echo Commercial Gas Chainsaw – Best Budget Gas Chainsaw


  • 16 in
  • 12 lbs
  • 34 cc
  • Gas powered

Undoubtedly, the Echo commercial-grade gas chainsaw is one of the best on the market under budget.

With a powerful 34.4cc engine, this saw has the muscle to tackle even the most challenging jobs. This is whether it’s cutting down large hardwoods, trimming branches, or buckling up firewood.

One of the best features of this saw is its i-30 starter, which reduces starting effort by 30%. 

This means you can get up and running quickly and with less frustration, allowing you to complete more work in less time. 

Additionally, the saw’s 3-point spring vibration reduction system is designed with operator comfort in mind, making it easier and more comfortable to use for extended periods.

The best thing about this Echo chainsaw is its weight. At just 12 pounds, this saw is significantly lighter than many other gas-powered options on the market. This means you can use it all day long without experiencing the fatigue that often comes with heavier saws. And because it’s so well-balanced, it’s easy to control and maneuver even in tight spaces.

Not only is this saw powerful and lightweight, but it’s also built to last. Its air injection air cleaner keeps the air clean and reduces maintenance needs. This means you can spend more time working and less time tinkering with your tools.

I highly recommend the Echo commercial gas chainsaw to anyone needing a reliable, high-performance saw. With its expert design, authoritative performance, and my personal experience, it’s one of the best tools in its class.

10. BLACK+DECKER CS1216 Electric Chainsaw – Best Corded Electric Chainsaw under $100


  • 16 in
  • 10 lbs
  • 550 Watts
  • Corded Electric

The final chainsaw we recommend is the BLACK+DECKER CS1216 electric chainsaw.

 It impressed me with its powerful 12 AMP motor that easily cuts through thick branches and logs. 

Despite being an electric chainsaw, which may seem less powerful than a gas-powered one, it exceeded my expectations.

One of the features I found particularly useful was tool-free chain tensioning, which allowed me to adjust the chain quickly and easily without additional tools. 

It saves a lot of time and effort, especially when working on a large-scale project like cutting down trees and shrubbery.

I got lost in my work, forgetting how much time had passed. If you’re not careful, you might use it for hours!

Another minor issue I encountered was that the blade lost its sharpness after only two weeks of use, which could have been better. 

However, this can be expected with any chainsaw, and simple sharpening brings it back to life.

I highly recommend the BLACK+DECKER CS1216 electric chainsaw for any homeowner or DIY enthusiast. 

With its automatic oiling system, clear oil window, and low-kickback bar and chain, it’s a great investment for anyone who needs a reliable and durable chainsaw.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Budget Chainsaw

When finding the best budget chainsaw, there are several factors to consider.

Safety features

Safety features should always be a top priority, as a chainsaw can be dangerous when not used properly.

To prevent accidental start-ups, look for models with safety features such as anti-kickback chains, chain brakes, and trigger-lock systems.

Power source

Chainsaws are divided into three main types: gas-powered, electric, and battery-operated.

Gas-powered chainsaws offer the most power and runtime but tend to be heavier and louder.

Electric chainsaws are typically more lightweight and quiet but require a cord and may have limited cutting capacity.

Cordless, battery-operated chainsaws are the most portable option but may not have as much power as gas-powered or electric models.


When it comes down to price, it’s important to set a budget.

You should find a chainsaw with the best features, performance, and reliability within that budget.

Cheaper chainsaws may be tempting, but they may also be less durable and require more frequent maintenance or repairs.

Consider investing in a slightly more expensive model that can handle various cutting tasks and is built to last.

We have guides on the best chainsaw under $100, the best chainsaw under $200, and the best chainsaw under $300 if you’re looking for chainsaws under a specific budget.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, choosing the best budget chainsaw for your cutting needs is an important decision that requires careful consideration.

However, with our top recommendations, you can confidently choose a chainsaw that will meet your requirements and offer impressive performance without breaking the bank.

Our research has found several affordable chainsaws that offer the right combination of quality, efficiency, and durability. This is based on the power source and the saw price.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a budget-friendly chainsaw, consider our top recommendations and factor in the power source, safety features, and ease of use.

With careful research, you can confidently select the best chainsaw that will meet your cutting needs. This chainsaw will last for years to come.

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