Best 14 Inch Chainsaw 2023 – Our Top 10 Picks

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Do you want to buy the highest-quality 14-inch chainsaw available? You’ve come to the right place!

This article will discuss some of our top picks for the best 14 inch chainsaw of 2023.

We have taken into consideration features like power, weight, price, and comfort when making our selections so that you can easily compare and pick out the perfect saw for your needs.

Whether you seek a lightweight yet powerful model or something that is made from heavy-duty materials with superior cutting ability – chances are there will be an option here for every type of customer who wants a high-quality saw without sacrificing performance.

Read on to find out which one could be ideal for your next outdoor project!

Best 14-inch chainsaw

1. HONORABLE MENTIONRyobi 40-Volt Battery Chainsaw

2. BESR OVERALLEcho X Series Chainsaw

3. BEST PROFESSIONALMakita XCU03PT Cordless Chainsaw

4. RUNNER UP Makita XCU08PT Cordless Chainsaw

5. UPGRADE PICKGreenworks 14 Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw


7. BEST FOR BUDGETSun Joe SWJ599E Corded Electric Chainsaw


9. MOST EFFICIENTGreenworks 40V 14-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

10. ALSO CONSIDERWorx 40V 14″ Cordless Chainsaw – WG384

1. Ryobi 40-Volt Battery Chainsaw

Ryobi 40-Volt Battery Chainsaw - best 14 inch chainsaw


  • 14 in
  • 10.28 lbs
  • Red
  • ‎Battery Powered

Cutting through tough logs is easy with the Ryobi Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw.

This 2019 model runs on a powerful Li-Ion 40V battery, though it does not come with one so you will need to purchase it separately.

The brushless motor gives you increased torque and gas-like power for faster cutting speeds.

With its 14-inch bar and chain optimized for cordless efficiency, you’ll be able to get the job done quickly without having to lug around a gas chainsaw.

It also features side access chain tensioning and a variable speed trigger for user control and convenience.

What I found most impressive was how fast it could cut through thick logs like a hot knife through butter!

It spins much faster than any 2 stroke gas chainsaw I’ve used before, making short work of any big logs I had to tackle.

The only downside is that the battery life doesn’t last as long as one would hope – but thankfully Ryobi sells an extra battery so this isn’t too much of an issue.

Overall, it is a powerful cordless chainsaw that can handle tough logs with its variable speed trigger.

2. Echo X Series Chainsaw


  • 14 In
  • 5.2 lbs
  • ‎3.5 hp
  • Gas Powered

The Echo X Series chainsaw is a powerful and efficient tool for the professional user. Featuring a 25 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine, this chainsaw delivers the power necessary for tough jobs.

It also includes a clutch-driven adjustable oiler, which only runs when the chain is moving, ensuring that it operates at maximum efficiency and minimizes wear on parts.

The G-Force engine air pre-cleaner prolongs filter life and prevents fatigue caused by excessive dust while the textured grip provides optimal control.

To make starting easier, the Echo X Series Chainsaw also features an automatic fast idle choke system. 

On the downside, It doesn’t come with tool to adjust the chain (normally a screwdriver/wrench combo), no manual, and no kickback guard.

Overall, this chainsaw offers unbeatable power, efficiency, and ease of use in one package.

The combination of its durable construction and advanced features makes it an ideal choice for professionals who need reliable tools to get their job done right the first time.

3. Makita XCU03PT Cordless Chainsaw


  • 14 in
  • 18V
  • ‎18.9 lbs
  • Battery Powered

The Makita XCU03PT Cordless Chainsaw is a powerful and reliable tool that offers a dependable solution to all your cutting needs.

Featuring a Makita-built Outer Rotor BL Brushless Motor direct-drive system, it is capable of delivering power equivalent to that of a 32cc gas chain saw.

It runs on two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries which can provide up to 36V of power and performance without requiring additional equipment or leaving the 18V LXT platform.

Additionally, it allows for up to 190 cuts in 4 x 4 cedar with just two 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteries. 

The XCU03PT also comes with an innovative ‘tool-less’ chain adjustment system, giving users the convenience and ease of operation they need while maintaining the quality of their chainsaw.

This is further complemented by its lack of emissions, oil mixing, or pull starts – reducing maintenance time and noise levels significantly compared to gas chainsaws.

In short, the Makita XCU03PT Cordless Chainsaw is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful cutting solution.

4. Makita XCU08PT Brushless Cordless Chainsaw


  • 14 In
  • 10.2 lbs
  • 3,940 FPM
  • Battery Powered

The Makita XCU08PT Cordless Chainsaw is a powerful and robust saw perfect for those who need to do some serious yard work.

It’s powered by two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries to deliver 36V power and performance without leaving the 18V LXT platform.

This saw comes with a 14″ sprocket nose guide bar and 3/8 pitch, .043″ gauge chain that has extreme cutting capabilities.

The outer rotor BL Brushless motor direct-drive system provides power equivalent to a 30cc gas chainsaw, and its variable speed trigger and high chain speed (0-3, 940 FPM) help to make the job even easier.

In addition, it features a torque boost mode for more challenging tasks. 

With this cordless chainsaw, you won’t have to worry about exhaust fumes or gas fumes. No more pulling or having to start, low noise levels for less potential hearing damage, good balance for easier handling, and less vibration resulting in less fatigue for the operator.

Plus, it won’t compete with a gas top handle in terms of cutting power but still works well on woods that require oiler adjustment at three levels. 

If you need a cordless chainsaw that can handle tough jobs without all the mess of having to deal with gas fumes or excessive noise levels then the Makita XCU08PT Cordless Chainsaw is an excellent option.

It is sure to deliver superior performance with no compromises in terms of quality or safety.

5. Greenworks 14 Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw


  • 14 In
  • 8 lbs
  • 10.5 amp
  • Corded Electric

The Greenworks 14 Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw is an impressive tool. This saw has a 10.5 amp electric motor that starts quickly with the press of a button and packs enough power to tackle even the toughest jobs. The 14-inch bar makes clean-up jobs easy, and the tool-less chain tensioning allows for quick adjustments for optimal cutting performance. 

In addition, the wrap-around handle provides user comfort during extended use, while the translucent oil tank gives you a clear view of your oil level so you can ensure proper lubrication. This saw also comes with an auto-oiler to keep your chain in top condition and ready to go whenever you need it. Its lightweight design of 8 pounds adds to its portability as well, making it easy to carry around when working outdoors. 

Overall, this corded electric chainsaw from Greenworks is perfect for anyone looking for reliable yet powerful performance without having to spend too much money. It’s well worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable solution that won’t let you down when it matters most!

6. EGO Power+ CS1401 Battery Chainsaw


  • 14 In
  • 11.4 lbs
  • 6800 rpm
  • Battery Powered

The EGO Power+ CS1401 Battery Chainsaw is an outstanding chainsaw for anyone looking to tackle both small and larger jobs. It has a powerful motor that reaches up to 6800 rpm, meaning it can handle a variety of cutting tasks in no time.

The chain brake kickback ensures safety while using the saw and the tension adjustment makes for easy chain changes.

The bar length is 14 inches, with a maximum cut diameter of 14 inches, so it can handle those bigger jobs.

It also has double guard bars and a narrow-kerf sprocket nose which help reduce the risk of kickback during use.

Additionally, since it is battery-powered, you don’t have to worry about having to plug it in or be near an outlet while cutting.

It is also water resistant so you can take it out with you regardless of the weather conditions.

All in all, this chainsaw is a great choice for those who are looking for power and portability in their chainsaw.

7. Sun Joe SWJ599E Corded Electric Chainsaw


  • 14 In
  • 7.7 lbs
  • 2.8 hp
  • Battery Powered

I recently used the Sun Joe SWJ599E 14-inch 9-Amp Tree Limb Master Electric Handheld Chainsaw with Low-Kickback to cut down three large trees in my backyard.

I was surprised at how well this chainsaw performed, cutting through 8 inch logs like butter!

It even has an auto-oiler feature that continuously lubricates the bar and chain so that it can keep running longer with fewer stops.

The safety switch is also an essential feature, preventing any accidental starts and giving you peace of mind while using the saw. 

The design of the chainsaw is ergonomically friendly as well, making it comfortable to hold and use for extended periods.

The low kickback makes it easy to control and reduces any potential harm from sloppy handling.

With all these features combined, I found that I could work efficiently and safely without having to stop for breaks or refills very often.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Sun Joe SWJ599E 14-inch 9-Amp Tree Limb Master Electric Handheld Chainsaw with Low-Kickback to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient chainsaw for their next project.

8. WORX WG305.1 Electric Chainsaw


  • 14 In
  • 7.94 lbs
  • 5.3 hp
  • Corded

The WORX WG305.1 8 Amp 14 Electric Chainsaw is a powerful cutting tool with a lightweight design that makes it easy to use and maneuver.

The 8 amp motor provides plenty of power and torque, while the 14 inch bar and chain provide you with great accuracy for tackling most jobs around the house.

The patented auto-tensioning chain system helps to extend the life of the bar and chain, as well as making it easier to operate and maintain.

You won’t have to worry about manually adjusting the tension; simply pull it up and see the information displayed on the LED indicator.

Additionally, an oil level indicator allows you to quickly check if you need to refill your oil levels before using your chainsaw. 

The rubberized over-grip handle is comfortable and ergonomic, allowing you to work without fatigue even during long projects.

Furthermore, its low-maintenance construction means you can use it without worrying about constant upkeep or repairs.

All in all, the WORX WG305.1 8 Amp 14 Electric Chainsaw offers maximum efficiency at an affordable price point – perfect for yard projects or any task where precision cuts are needed.

9. Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw

GreenWorks 40v cordless chainsaw - best 14 inch  chainsaw


  • 14 In
  • 9.8 lbs
  • 40V
  • Battery Powered

The Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw is an excellent tool for any homeowner who values convenience and safety. It has a high-performance brushless motor powered by a 2.0Ah battery that can last up to 60 cuts on 4×4 lumber.

The 14 inch bar and chain can easily cut trees and branches up to 26 inches in diameter, making it perfect for larger projects. Additionally, the pro-style side-mounted chain tensioning system ensures reliable performance and chain longevity, while the automatic oiler guarantees that your chain is always properly lubricated. 

As a female user, I was particularly impressed with its light weight of only 9.8 pounds, making it much easier to operate than heavier models. Despite this fact, the Greenworks chainsaw still benefits from additional safety features such as its hand guard which helps reduce the risk of injury. Finally, it’s guaranteed start every time with no prime or choke makes it extremely easy to use! 

It offers powerful cutting capabilities combined with advanced safety features and convenient operation.

Overall, the Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw is an affordable and versatile tool that is perfect for both novice and experienced users alike.

10. Worx-WG384 40V Cordless Chainsaw


  • 14 In
  • 40V
  • 10.4 lbs
  • Battery Powered

The Worx-WG384 40V Cordless Chainsaw is an easy-to-use powerhouse that ensures you’re always in control.

The Dynamic Brushless Motor produces high torque for efficient and powerful cutting performance, while the 14-inch chain length allows for fast and efficient cutting.

With a tool-free chain tightening system and automated chain lubrication to make maintenance hassle free, this chainsaw provides reliable work every time.

This chainsaw also features double the power with its dual port charger, enabling two Power Share batteries to be charged together in an hour’s time.

Moreover, the battery level indicator keeps you informed of your power reserve so you can plan ahead of time.

Not only that, but the same battery is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools as well as outdoor power and lifestyle products for expandable power. 

Safety features include a chain brake which prevents accidental cutting and needs to be disengaged when sawing wood.

This product includes 2x20V 14” Chainsaws, Chain, and more to help get you up and running quickly.

In short, the Worx-WG384 makes fast work with reliable performance at a great price point – it’s definitely worth considering if you need a new chainsaw!

What to consider when buying 14-inch Chainsaw

When considering the purchase of a 14-inch chainsaw, there are several factors to consider.

Type of work you plan to do

First, the type of work you plan to do will determine the kind of chainsaw you need. For basic tree trimming or light pruning, a smaller electric corded model is likely sufficient. Large tasks like clearing land or felling trees require a more powerful gas-powered chainsaw with a longer bar length and higher voltage. 

Your budget

The second factor to be aware of is budget. Depending on the job requirements, prices can range from $100-$350 for electric models and up to $600 for gas-powered models. It is important to balance initial cost against long-term savings when deciding which type is best for your needs. 

Is It Portable?

Thirdly, portability should be taken into account when making your selection. If most work will be done in one location, then weight and size may not be as important considerations. However, if the chainsaw needs to be transported regularly or carried while working, then lightweight cordless battery options should be considered over heavier gas-powered models. 

Should You Buy Electric or Gas?

Fourthly, an important distinction between chainsaws is whether they are corded or cordless electric models versus gas-powered ones.

Electric models tend to be quieter and more affordable with less maintenance needed than their gas counterparts; however, they can only run as long as their power source permits and have limited bar lengths available for greater cutting capacity.

Meanwhile, gas-powered models have greater power output but require regular maintenance such as oil changes and spark plug replacements in addition to increased emission output which can impact air quality adversely in enclosed spaces like garages or workshops. 

Power and Performance

Lastly, it is important to consider power and performance when it comes to selecting the right saw for your needs.

Variables like engine displacement (cc), chain speed (mps), and vibration reduction technology all play into how well the saw cuts through materials quickly and safely; better performing components can drastically reduce workloads and fatigue levels during extended use periods.

Additionally consider bar length which determines cutting capacity – some longer bars allow for deeper cuts than shorter ones so make sure you select one that suits your project’s requirements accurately.

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Best 14-inch chainsaws: FAQs

What is the most dependable brand of a chainsaw?

When it comes to reliable and dependable brands of chainsaws, Husqvarna, DeWalt, and Stihl are all well-regarded brands that have proven themselves time and time again.

Husqvarna has been in business since 1689 and has long been one of the top names in outdoor power equipment and is known for being innovative when it comes to design.

DeWalt is another popular choice for chainsaws as they are known for their tough build quality and performance.

Stihl is also a trusted brand as they manufacture durable tools that can withstand punishing use. 

What is a 14-inch chainsaw good for?

A 14-inch chainsaw is ideal for pruning trees, cutting some wood, splitting firewood, or cutting down small trees in a yard or garden.

This size of the saw is lightweight and easy to maneuver making it perfect for beginners or homeowners who need it for occasional cleanup tasks. 

What size tree can a 14-inch chainsaw cut?

The size of the tree that a 14-inch chainsaw can cut depends on several factors such as the type and density of the wood, sharpness, and quality of the chain, power, and speed of the engine, as well as skill level and technique of the operator.

Generally speaking, larger trees would require more powerful saws such as those with 18” bars or higher. 

What is the lightest, most powerful chainsaw? 

The lightest yet most powerful chainsaw you can purchase today would be the Husqvarna 545 Mark II Chainsaw which weighs only 8lbs but delivers high performance with its 50cc engine that has been optimized for better fuel efficiency.

The 545 Mark II also features an X-Torq engine technology which reduces emissions while delivering lower fuel consumption rates.

It also includes an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use even during long jobs due to its low vibration levels.

Final Thoughts

In summary, finding the right chainsaw can be a daunting task. We hope this article post on the best 14 inch chainsaws was helpful in making your decision.

When it comes down to it, the perfect chainsaw will depend on what you need from it whether that is portability or power. A 14-inch chainsaw might be appropriate for occasional yard work or small projects such as trimming firewood or carving objects out of wood.

There are several great products out there, so it’s important to find one with high-quality parts and materials, a reliable engine and an ergonomic design for comfortable handling. Good luck with your sawing!

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